3 rioters face death penalty in Iran

TEHRAN – Tehran’s Revolutionary Court has sentenced three rioters to death for their role in ransacking public property and murdering security personnel, the court announced on Wednesday.

Following the trial of the rioters and security disruptors, a preliminary verdict was issued for three other rioters in the presence of their lawyers. Verdicts are subject to appeal.

According to the verdicts, one of the convicts was involved in a terrorist act by attacking police officers with his car and trying to kill them.

A police officer was killed, injuring several. Based on his own confession and conclusive evidence, he was charged with endangering national security and damaging public property.

What he has done is foment insecurity in the country by wreaking havoc on public property. In addition, the second verdict was issued against a person who attempted to cause intimidation by drawing a knife to attack security guards with the aim of killing them. Moreover, he was accused of spreading terror and insecurity in the country.

Another reason for his death sentence was the burning down of Pakdasht city governorate and the looting of public property. The third, who tried to close the streets and prevent the movement of the vehicle, was sentenced to death. It also inflicted damage to buildings and other properties. The riots in Iran claimed the lives of several security officers and even some ordinary people.

security defenders and a martyred cleric in Tehran, Shiraz, Kamyaran, Bukan

On Tuesday evening, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Zareh Movaydi, a prayer imam in Shiraz, was also seriously injured by rioters with a Molotov cocktail and died in hospital due to the severity of his injuries. During Tuesday night’s riots, Reza Azarbar, one of the security guards, was also shot dead by unknown rioters in the town of Kamyaran and two others injured.

The body of another security defender, named Reza Almasi, was transported to his hometown of Shahin Dej on Wednesday for burial.

Originally from Shahin Dej, he was a member of the IRGC which was fatally attacked following the riots orchestrated by anti-revolutionary agents in Bukan. As a fake news campaign against the Islamic Republic escalates, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has joined the chorus of social media trolls spreading a blatant lie.

On Monday evening, Trudeau tweeted that Canada “condemns the Iranian regime’s brutal decision to execute nearly 15,000 protesters.”

He added, “These heroic Iranians were fighting for their human rights, and we continue to unite in their support and opposition to the regime’s atrocious crimes.”

However, in this tweet, there is a false assumption that Iran intends to execute “nearly 15,000 protesters” arrested following street protests and violent rallies sparked in mid-September by another fake news – the alleged police murder of 22-year-old woman Mahsa Amini.

Despite being instantly denounced as fake by several Twitter users, Trudeau’s post remained online for more than 11 hours and was shared thousands of times before being deleted.

Canada’s prime minister may have been the single most important person to spread the fake news, but the incredible lie has allowed many others to join in and criticize the Islamic Republic, either on purpose or accidentally. Specifically, an infographic claiming that “Iran sentences 15,000 protesters to death – as a ‘painful lesson’ for all dissidents” has become popular on Twitter and Instagram. Many well-known people believed the hoax and spread it to their followers.

The Washington Post published an article claiming that Iran was preparing to execute a young Iranian accused of setting fire to a trash can during a demonstration. It is worth saying that he was not sentenced to death for such a minor crime, but rather for a felony.

He carried out murders and ransacked public property in order to sow terror in the country. Iranian social media has been inundated with false information over the past two months, much of it from foreign-based Persian outlets, such as BBC Persian, Voice of America (VOA), Manoto TV in London, Radio Farda, the Saudi – funded by the Iran International news network, and thousands of bots and trolls under the control of the anti-Iranian terrorist organization Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) and Western intelligence agencies.

At least 38,000 incorrect or misleading articles about the Islamic Republic were published by the five media sites listed earlier this month, according to a report by Iranian news agency Fars earlier this month. Topping the list with 13,579 false reports was Iran International. In mid-September, after the controversial death of Mahsa Amini, riots broke out in Iran.

The 22-year-old fell in a police station in Tehran, the country’s capital, and was eventually pronounced dead in a hospital three days later.

According to an official assessment by Iran’s Forensic Medicine Organization, Amini died of illness rather than beatings to the head or other critical organs.

Meanwhile, rioters have been rampaging across the country with strong support from Western countries, including the United States, despite vicious assaults on security personnel and active damage to public property.

On October 28, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and the IRGC intelligence organization issued a joint statement to highlight the important role played by foreign spy agencies, especially the CIA, in orchestrating violent insurgencies. . The Intelligence Ministry revealed late last month that Western governments and its mercenary media had supported the riots, spreading false information and twisting the chain of events that led to Amini’s death even before an official investigation. on the incident is over.

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