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Ninety-five people who were affected by the terrorist attacks of 2018 and 2019 by the MRCD-FLN have, in writing, recounted the ordeal they went through and the difficulties they still face today at the after what happened to them.

In a memorandum they all signed and sent to Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State visiting Rwanda this week, they shed light on the collective and personal losses, including the death of 11 relatives including 3 children.

“Among those killed were 4 relatives who were the sole breadwinners,” the document said.

He then recounts how some people were killed and how their families are struggling to cope.

“Hillarie Mukabahizi (45), murdered in the attack on a bus in Nyungwe forest, was a single mother of five children who are now orphans. Anatole Maniraho (33) was ordered to lie down and was shot dead on the spot, he left behind his pregnant wife and his child, now very small, will grow up without a father.

“Isaac Niwenshuti (17) was on his way to visit his father and was killed and burned beyond recognition in the bus attack. His family could only identify him through DNA testing “, the document cites some examples of murders and their effects.

FLN Victims Memorandum by The New Times on Scribd

The victims called on the US government to support them in their quest for justice, including helping them obtain the compensation the court awarded them when the case was decided.

“The court-ordered compensation for victims has yet to materialize, leaving some of us in dire financial straits. We are aware that some of the perpetrators of acts of terrorism in our communities have assets in the United States.

“Consistent with its stated commitment, we hope the U.S. government will support our quest for restorative justice. We believe this will send a strong message that the United States stands with victims of terrorism and is committed to holding perpetrators of terrorism fully responsible for their actions,” the document reads.

See the full statement here

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