A place without fascist, reactionary, anti-Muslim influences (2/2)


By Ramin Mazaheri

The intellectual unity of the Muslim world has long been established. They are similar to Buddhists in this – they also had very few ‘fitna’ (civil war) eras – and different from their Abrahamic Christian brethren, who apparently embraced the idea that Christian unity is neither. achievable or even desirable, but fundamentally antagonistic and too intrusive.

Indeed, it is not surprising that the Western media did not cover the 35th Annual Conference of International Islamic Unity in Iran, which has just ended, as it also does not appear that the divisions among Christianity are a topic worth covering?

The first part discussed the geopolitical foundations of the Conference: The Struggle for Unity in the Muslim World Regarding the World War Against a Sense of Arrogant Privilege Some People Call “Reactionary”, Others Call “Fascism” and others call it “evil”. ”. Certainly, “imperialism” can be used interchangeably with all three.

The Taliban’s anti-imperialist victory over the US-led Western coalition might end up not being anti-imperialist at all – that was the underlying concern of this year’s conference.

The Taliban themselves were indeed the target audience this year: it is easy to understand that the main objective was to show the Taliban that they are being watched and that 52 Muslim countries are demanding that the Shiites and other groups be protected in the name of Afghan unity and Muslim unity.

The expulsion of the Western coalition could prove to be a failure in the anti-imperialist struggle if Daesh and other terrorists – who foment Muslim disunity through attacks against the Shiites – are not totally rejected and subdued by the news. leadership of the Taliban. Without an inclusive government and zero tolerance for “bigotry / identity politics” Daesh will certainly continue to terrorize and thus provide grounds for a new Western invasion. It would mean more than decades of disunity in Afghanistan, in a victory for imperialism.

However, an inclusive Taliban and expelling Islamic fundamentalists would be a victory for both anti-imperialism and Muslim unity. It should be easy to see why for Muslims the two are the same in 2021. It should be easy to see why Israel’s colonialist project and Western Muslim 1% unity worshiping individualism are so threatening to their profits. than anti-imperialism. is; as is any great unity of the masses.

The Taliban say they have changed in decades of fighting – the conference recalls that 52 Muslim nations are studying them closely for evidence.

Daesh and other groups – which are known to be funded by Western imperialist nations even if they do not find democratic approval in any Muslim region – continue to obtain Western weapons and money precisely because they allow the West to station Western troops in Muslim countries. It is a fundamental principle of the International Conference on Islamic Unity that Muslim nations must ensure their own security, as Iran does. The West repeatedly insists that only they are capable of providing security in the Muslim world, but the double and murderous hypocrisy of Western history in the modern Muslim world is well known to all.

Indeed, the Muslim world is so thwarted and deprived of its opportunities for empowerment that it is now relying on the Taliban – originally a US-backed terrorist group to topple a democratic government – to break the cycle of terrorism supported by the West among Muslims. countries.

It seems like a very weak leg on which to rest the politically modern version of Conference Muslim unity, right?

But there is no coming world revolution to save the Muslim world: the Afghan nation has proven to be exceptional in its ability to overcome a foreign invasion, and now it must prove that its exceptional ability was based on political ideas. moderns of popular claims of sovereignty, social equity and religious harmony.

Concretely, the Iran Conference is an open invitation, and a plea, and a humble request for communication in order to show the Muslim world that there is another version of what is acceptable in Islam other than the one proposed by the house of Saud. and the countries of the Persian Gulf with obscene (that is to say also “obscenely privileged”) capitals. The differences are not cultural values ​​- because Islam is the essence of all these cultures – but the most fundamentally modern political values, i.e. the rejection of feudalism, monarchy, privilege inequalities, Muslim disunity and violence still required to defend one of these outdated concepts. .

The conference shows that the real printers of the petrodollar and the Arab League do not have a monopoly on the political direction of the Muslim world, and – in my opinion – their actions and comprador complicity in recent decades show that they do not. not deserve.

The Iranians believe that due to their Islamic and modern revolution, they are not some kind of shining example for the Muslim world but simply a guaranteed safe space – a place that can host open dialogue and that undoubtedly excludes them. reactionary / fascist / evil intentions.

Such dialogues must be held in the name of Muslim unity, which should be about as controversial as motherhood but which is controversial because Muslim unity would upset two centuries of Western rule, colonization and forced regression / stagnation. . In 2021, the Muslim world sees Afghanistan as a place of regained military sovereignty – popular, republican and Muslim unity must immediately follow.

(Ramin Mazaheri is the chief Paris correspondent for Press TV and has lived in France since 2009. He has been a journalist for a daily in the United States and has reported in Iran, Cuba, Egypt, Tunisia, South Korea and elsewhere. He is the author of “Socialism’s Ignored Success: Iranian Islamic Socialism” as well as “I’ll Ruin Everything You Are: Ending Western Propaganda on Red China,” which is also available in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.)

(The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Press TV.)

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