About All About Loans – Everything you need to know about borrowing money

About All About Loans – Everything you need to know about borrowing money

November 29, 2019 0 By admin

Everything about loans is meant to be a comprehensive portal and database for everything related to loans and to borrow money.

Here you can find information, tips and explanations for all types of loans, how to find the best and cheapest loans and much more.

Everything about loans


Also offers many good and flexible aids related to loans. There is a large list of banks and lenders where you can find info and links to the respective lenders’ website and we also offer comparisons of different types of loans so that our visitors can easily find and compare the best and cheapest loans.

There are also several other features and help to utilize on the site and we hope that you who are looking to learn more about loans or get good tips and links should be able to find everything here with us.

If you have any questions or would like to say something, you can contact us via our email form. We appreciate all mail and look forward to suggesting improvements or reporting errors if you come across any while browsing the site. We always do what we can to respond to all emails and this as quickly as possible. In some cases, however, it may take a few days.

We’re behind the side


Good Finance is owned and operated by Uttern & Sorken Webproduktion and we aim to make as good an information page as possible. We are constantly working on updating new material and keeping comparisons and other information up to date.


We at Good Finance do not sell anything ourselves, nor do we lend money. We only inform about different types of loans, how to borrow money and how to best find cheap and good loans. The links to external websites that can be found on this site go to banks and lenders etc which in turn lend money. We cannot in any way be responsible for any agreements you enter into with a bank or lender, nor can we guarantee that our information on interest rates, fees and the like is always correct. Always check all terms and conditions before taking out a loan.

For the same reasons as above, we also cannot help you personally with problems that you may have with debts, the bailiff or the like. We are happy to answer questions about loans and to borrow money, but most questions are better to ask directly to banks and lenders. It is up to them to apply for a loan that can solve your problems.



If you are interested in advertising your company / website on Good Finance, you are welcome to send us a message via our contact form. We are always interested in good cooperation so please send an email.

This website is funded through advertising. This means that if you click on a link and take a loan from a bank or lender, we can get a small commission because we have provided you as a customer. Our commission does not affect your costs in any way, so it will not be more expensive for us to pass you on and we will not charge you any fees for any of our services. Everything on Good Finance is free. We hope you will appreciate this and take your loan through our website.