Afghan Christians Remain Faithful Despite Danger

Afghanistan (MNN) — Afghanistan is entering a critical period. At least four countries — including China and Russia — have established diplomatic relations with the Taliban, although all refuse to “officially” recognize the 8-month-old government.

According to a security expertit’s a slow backdoor for nations that don’t care about human rights or seek to exploit Afghan resources to empower the Taliban.”

“The Taliban have not changed at all for 20 years, but one thing has changed: they have learned to manipulate; how to talk to the world and do what it wants,” says Hossein*, an Afghan believer who works with Heart4Iran.

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Meanwhile, terrorist threats are increasing every day. United States intelligence reports say al-Qaeda and the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Khorasan (ISIS-K) are gaining strength. The number of al-Qaeda forces increased in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops in August.

Besides, an economic crisis and Abuse of human rights continue on the ground.

“It was hard for believers before, but it’s getting harder (today). They (the Taliban) are looking for the [houses] door to door; they have a checkpoint everywhere, checking phones, apps, messages,” says Hossein.

“I saw a video just a few days ago, and they (the Taliban) [were] beat someone who doesn’t [go] at the mosque “.

Nevertheless, hope remains. “People always stand for the Lord. Many people have left the country, but [there are] still a lot of (believers) inside the country,” says Hossein.

“Afghanistan is not over. The Lord can even use the Taliban for his glory.

From an unknown location, Hossein and his wife are making disciples in Afghanistan. Ask the Lord to protect the “secret believers” inside the country. “It’s the most [important] prayer request for us,” Hossein said.

“I listened to a believer’s voicemail; it was so encouraging for me. He said, “They (the Taliban) can take everything from us, but they can’t take God’s love. They can’t take our faith.

(Graphic courtesy of Heart4Iran)

Support Afghan believers in five ways through Heart4Iran.

Pray for gospel workers to have wisdom and discernment. Pray that the Lord will call more believers to join their team. “We need to expand our team to serve better,” says Hossein.

“We need to invest more [so believers will] to become a disciple, not just a believer; because the believer can be easily changed, but when he becomes a disciple, it is different.

Header image courtesy of Heart4Iran.

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