After Kabul terror attack, US senators from Kansas redouble their efforts to facilitate evacuation from Afghanistan



TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) – After a terrorist attack by ISIS-K that killed more than 100 people and injured many more outside the Kabul airport as residents attempted to evacuate, the two US Senators from Kansas are redoubling their efforts to help with the evacuation effort.

U.S. Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) Says he led U.S. Representatives Jimmy Panetta (D-Cal.) And Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) To send a bipartisan, bicameral letter to President Joe Biden, which urges it to safely evacuate U.S. citizens, Aghan special immigrant visa applicants, and other at-risk populations, including women and children, from Afghanistan.

“We urge you to be transparent about how the administration will protect the approximately 1,500 US citizens still in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, SIV candidates and other populations at risk,” the letter said. “First, the US military should be committed to responding with overwhelming force to continued attacks on or around Hamid Karzai International Airport, any attack on US citizens attempting to evacuate, or any attempt to take hostage. US citizens. Second, the administration must keep its commitment to our Afghan allies who risked their lives supporting the US or NATO campaigns by evacuating the remaining SIV candidates. Finally, we must ensure that the US military is ready and determined to maintain Hamid Karzai International Airport until the end of the mission. “

Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) Said that following the terrorist attack outside Kabul airport he was offering assistance to Kansans in need of evacuation from Afghanistan for themselves, their relatives or their colleagues.

“Our country’s priority must be to repatriate Americans and evacuate those who served alongside our troops from Afghanistan as the situation in Kabul and across the country continues to deteriorate,” said Senator Moran . “My staff and I provided information to the State Department with the goal of evacuating American citizens, their allies and those at risk of persecution. If you still know of someone in need of repatriation or evacuation assistance from Afghanistan, please contact my office immediately.

Senator Marshall launched his own hotline a week earlier for those who have a loved one or fellow U.S. citizen still in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.

The US State Department has also launched the Kabul Repatriation Assistance Form for US citizens. HERE.

To request assistance from Senator Moran’s office, email [email protected] or call 202-224-6521.

To request assistance from Senator Marshall’s office, email [email protected] or call 785-829-9000.

To read the full letter that Senator Marshall sent to the President. Biden, click HERE.

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