An Alabama GOP county chairman apologizes for posting an elephant logo with KKK imagery. The local NAACP wants him out of the school board

By Chuck Johnston, CNN

A county chapter of the NAACP in northern Alabama is calling for the resignation of a school board member and local Republican Party chairman, who says his social media sharing of a GOP elephant logo including images of the KKK was unintentional.

The Lawrence County Republican Party’s Facebook page had included in one of its posts an image that shows a depiction of a GOP elephant with three Klansmen with tokenized cowls in the logo paws. The image originally appeared in a 2020 Mother Jones article titled “The Republican Party is Racist and Soulless”.

Shanon Terry, the county’s new party chairman who said he authored the message, is a county school board member. The Lawrence County NAACP said in a statement that its credibility on the board “was tarnished” following the release.

“We come here today to ask Shanon Terry, we demand your resignation,” Lawrence County NAACP President JE Turnbore said Friday at a press conference. “We don’t want you to govern our children.”

The county party called the sharing of the image an error and apologized on Facebook in a post apparently signed by Terry, according to news reports.

“I would like to offer a deep and sincere apology for a photo that temporarily appeared on this page last night. A Google search image of a GOP elephant was used and later found to contain hidden images that do not represent not the opinions or beliefs of the Lawrence County Republican Party,” the post read.

The group’s Facebook page is currently inactive. CNN has reached out to Terry for comment.

Terry told CNN affiliate WAFF on Thursday that he has no plans to resign from his school board position.

“I regret the mistake that was made, and it was just that – an unintentional mistake. The image I posted on a political Facebook page was not made with malicious or harmful intent. Once informed of the negative part of the image, I immediately replaced it and followed up with an apology/explanation the next day,” Terry said in a statement.

“My mistake was to rush to post a thank you note to the outgoing president, in doing so I did not properly review a cut and pasted image used in this post from an internet search for a ‘GOP elephant’ “. I do not support or endorse any hate group agenda and certainly will not try to further their cause,” he said.

The NAACP chapter said the incident should not be ignored.

“We know that the KKK in its history has been a notorious terrorist organization against African Americans and all other minorities in this country,” Turnbore said Friday. “We don’t want any type of KKK influence in our school system, anywhere in our county government.”

CNN has contacted the Lawrence County School Board for comment.

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