As India faces Agnipath protest, it’s time to study how the left is manipulating the political system

This explains the apparent ease with which a Bhima Koregaon eruption materializes almost overnight, or large masses of Indians launch mini-wars against themselves as in the ongoing Agniveer saga.

Demonstrators shout slogans after burning a train during a protest against the government’s new “Agnipath” recruitment scheme for the army, navy and air force at a railway station in Secunderabad on June 17, 2022. AFP

It is now common to casually resent the destruction inflicted by the communist-marxist-leftist clique, especially on our education system. And specifically in the social sciences/humanities department, and more specifically, their targeted slaughter of history. But the ideological goal was not the destruction of these subjects but create new generations without memory. The project was, to say the least, a great success.

But a relatively lesser-known behind-the-scenes truth is the methodology the left has employed to bring about this destruction. Of course, it helped to have someone like Jawaharlal Nehru, who was able to create and has created the right atmosphere, but institutional infiltration, nationwide takeover and subversion require sophistication and much more advanced tactical operation to become effective and generationally sustainable. The overriding element that makes – and made this possible was a solid understanding of how bureaucracy, committees, commissions and academies work.

After all, professional politicians… more of the Indian variety, can’t do much. And this is where our left liberals are really to be commended for their superb and even sublime mastery of the workings of bureaucracy. If only they had used their skills for nation building instead of civilization degradation and cultural vandalism, congratulations would have been deserved.

The well-known result of leftist institutional conquest was a climate of fear in academia and in public discourse in general, which prevailed for about half a century. But while that hold has been broken, a sort of void remains. This is an in-depth study of their methodology, a study that is desperately needed. Nothing illustrates this better than the left itself…whatever its name: liberal, woke, etc.

Over the past eight years, the left has invested heavily in studying the success of the phenomenon called Narendra Modi and the national cultural institution called RSS. Even as I write this, books, monographs, white papers, seminars and conferences are being held with feverish regularity, and all of this is tinged with various hues. Unnecessarily, a major theme is the century-old demonization of the RSS, Hindutva and Hindus as a community.

But this time, a noticeable shift has occurred: the left has taken RSS seriously, and its root is its subconscious fear of disappearing. History has repeatedly shown that wherever the left does not hold absolute political power – that is, the government – ​​it needs political clientelism, which translates into institutional monopoly. This is, among other things, why he studies the RSS and the wider Hindu narrative in a way never seen before.

However, the Hindu civilizational side has hardly invested in a similar and concurrent scale effort to uncover and understand the basic reasons and modus operandi that have enabled their civilizational vandalism on an epic canvas for such an extended duration.

Perhaps the only quality work of this nature is that of Arun Shourie Prominent Historians: Their Technology, Their Line, Their Fraud. He is distinguished by his rigor, thoroughness and attention to detail, to say the least. But its real core lies in the tangential knowledge it gives us of how the bureaucracy works: in this case, the ICHR and various agencies under the HRD ministry. It is precisely this blockbuster that completely exposed and shattered the credibility of Marxist ideologues mislabeled as historians and turned the term “eminent historians” into an obscenity in the Indian context.


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But more than 30 years have passed since that work and nothing comparable has emerged in the meantime. If a similar phenomenon had occurred with leftists, an entire library dedicated to its study would have sprung up across the country. And speaking of libraries, the left has scored even in this area. For a very long time, thanks to their institutional monopoly, they piled most government libraries with books parroting socialism, communism and Marxism. There was a practical side to it. The average library visitor, even to this day, goes to public libraries in the sense of general interest… only a tiny one visits government libraries for serious scientific work.

When these libraries are crammed with nothing but left-wing literature, even that generalist reader, having no other reading material, will inadvertently end up reading their ideology. And who knows which technique wins converts? But it’s at least worth a try. As we mentioned earlier, this it is the level of control of the left on the bureaucracy and the institutional functioning.

Of course, other techniques like packing academies and assorted corps with their compatriots, scratching each other’s backs, forming closed clubs of book reviewers and “reviewers”, etc., are now well known.


In 1987, the University of Chicago launched the mammoth The Fundamentalism Project, aimed at studying diverse fundamentalisms around the world using a multidimensional approach including, but not limited to, religious scriptures, history, sociology, and politics. The project was finally completed in 1995. While its scope was largely confined within the academic community, it gained popular attention in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks in America after a book titled A strong religion: the rise of fundamentalisms in the world was published in 2003.

The main thing is not The Fundamentalism Project but the eagerness and constant vigilance which were responsible for his sudden popularity. 9/11 irreversibly shattered the notion that America was invincible and immune to outside attack and, in this case, it was the ideological source of the attacks that caught the public’s attention. Since then, mountains of research have been generated in America alone on Islamic fundamentalism and its various dimensions.

Which brings us back to where we started: why haven’t Hindus done similar research with the same dedication, scientific rigor and patience on a phenomenon that has repeatedly proven to be so deadly and murderer than Islamic terrorism? America and the West have to deal mainly with Islamic terrorism while the Hindu civilization has to deal simultaneously with Islamic terror, missionary conversions and the liberal left ecosystem… it is only in India that these forces have combined. And it is the Indian left that has been the most powerful, effective and loyal ally of these transnational religious forces.

While the fatal consequences of this leftist manipulation of our political system and public discourse are familiar, the How? ‘Or’ What question is where the real answers lie. That’s it How? ‘Or’ What this explains the apparent ease with which a Bhima Koregaon eruption materializes almost overnight or large masses of Indians launch mini-wars against themselves as in the ongoing Agniveer saga.

The study must begin now, with the same seriousness and sense of purpose as that of The Fundamentalism Project.

The author is founder and editor-in-chief, “Sending the Dharma”. Opinions expressed are personal

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