Bahrain says it foiled planned attack and arrests suspects | New

The Interior Ministry said it had confiscated weapons and explosives, arrested people for “conspiring to carry out terrorist operations”.

Bahraini security forces arrested a number of suspects and confiscated weapons and explosives ahead of a planned attack, the interior ministry said.

The ministry did not specify the number of people arrested or specify their nationality.

“Terrorists (have been) arrested for having instigated terrorist operations against security and civil peace,” the Interior Ministry wrote on Twitter on Monday.

He described them as “linked to terrorist groups in Iran”.

Bahrain, host of the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet and other international naval operations, has often accused Shia Muslim Iran of seeking to destabilize the Sunni kingdom, which has a predominantly Shia population. Iran has denied these allegations.

The island state was the only Arab Gulf state to witness a major pro-democracy uprising during the Arab Spring of 2011, from a predominantly Shiite opposition movement, which it suppressed with help from the ‘Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Opposition movements have been banned and hundreds of dissidents have been jailed – many of whom have been stripped of their nationality.

Human rights groups have often said that cases against activists in Bahrain – men and women, religious and secular – do not meet basic fair trial standards.

Bahraini authorities have repeatedly denied the charges.

Bahrain said last year it thwarted a “terrorist attack” backed by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

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