Before Christmas, the 125-year-old Srinagar church restored and open to the public


A 125-year-old church in the city of Srinagar that was closed in the early 1990s has been restored and opened to the public before Christmas. According to reports, St. Luke’s Church in Srinagar, which has been closed for decades, has been renovated and open for the public.

A report in DD News mentioned that the church is located on the western slope of Shankaracharya hill. It was previously an extension of the Kashmir Mission Hospital. The hospital is now known as the Chest Disease Hospital. It was built for the founders named Nevil Brothers and hospital staff over a century ago, News 18 reported.

The DD News report mentions that the restoration work on the church was carried out by the tourism department as part of the Smart City project.

The original Gothic-style architecture of the church has been preserved and it is now ready for official Mass and Christmas celebrations. The woodwork is made by master carpenters Srinagar in Deodar wood.

Manoj Sinha, the LG of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, inaugurated the renovated and restored church to the public on Thursday, December 23. follow the path of truth, non-violence and universal brotherhood. Each person should sincerely play their part in promoting harmony in society, ”the LG noted occasionally.


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