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By Molly Kilète, Maiduguri

The number of Boko Haram terrorists who surrendered from their hiding places and enclaves in the forests of Sambisa, bordering Lake Chad and other places in the northeast reached 10,000 on Wednesday, according to the theater commander, Operation Hadin Kai, Major General Christopher Musa.
He said the number has continued to increase daily since the military adopted the kinetic method of counterinsurgency warfare which he said has yielded very positive results. He therefore advised those who have not yet made up their minds to surrender to do so now that they have the opportunity.
General Musa made this known when the director of public relations of the army, Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu, led a team of Abuja Defense correspondents to the theater headquarters in Maiduguri, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. ‘Borno State.
He said that “the number today Wednesday has increased to 10,000, and he will get more than that.
The theater commander assured that there would be no compromise or favoritism when it came to the military, as any terrorists who surrendered, especially combatants, would face the law accordingly.
He stressed, however, that not all who surrendered were terrorists as some of them after being kidnapped by terrorists were forced to work as servants, farmers, traders, errands and other jobs. servants for terrorists.
In an interview with Defense correspondents, General Musa spoke of Nigerians’ fears about the sincerity of the terrorists surrendered, the victims affected their atrocities, counterterrorism operations and other security concerns. On the remains of terrorists who are still in the bush, he said
“The best option for everyone is to get in and out of the bush in a peaceful environment. The army chief of staff once mentioned that it didn’t make sense for humans to stay in the bushes like animals.
“For some reason they have no reason to take up arms against the nation, they have no reason to kill anyone. Anyone who has a problem with the nation should come forward because there are ways provided for them to express their point of view and they will be listened to and taken care of and this will be a solution.
“So I want to call on everyone who remains in the bush, be it ISWAP or any armed group, anywhere in the country, that there is no reason to take up arms against the nation. We must disarm, we must go out and join the nation to develop a greater Nigeria for our future. I am sure that even they too want their children to have a suitable atmosphere where they will grow up and develop, because staying in the bush and killing people will not allow them.
“They should not allow anyone to deceive them into taking up arms against the nation. They will never win and they will never be able to win.
It is therefore important for them to understand that from the start, whoever disarms will be treated fairly in accordance with international law.
He said there are laws of the federation that guide these issues.
Some of those who surrendered are being sorted and some of them were forcibly drafted, some of them grew up in the system not even knowing what was going on, some of them were simply held as ordinary slaves and used as elders and the like.
We are going to sort everyone out and then the law will take its cause.
“We therefore want to reassure the citizens that we are at the top, we assure them that we will continue to do our best to bring peace to the northeast, which is our mandate.
Regarding the allegations that the terrorists delivered were kept in the same van with internally displaced people, the theater commander said: “There is no way to confuse internally displaced people. of the country (IDP) in the same camp. IDPs are camped separately and treated fairly by the government while they are treated separately. They are sorted, their commanders are kept in different places while those who are not combatants are kept in different places.
There is therefore no mixture because each one will respond according to his own actions.
“We assure the public that they must be confident that the Nigerian military, Operation Hadin Kai will ensure that the right and the right thing is done and without compromise.
Still on the allegation that terrorists were pampered, he said: “Internationally, even during combat, when someone surrenders, the law does not allow us to shoot that person. We are supposed to hold him back, arrest him and treat him humanely. I don’t know if people have misunderstood humane treatment as pampering. If he’s sick we are supposed to treat him, if he is hungry we are supposed to feed him, we are supposed to provide him with shelter like any other person and that is exactly what we do.
“So there is no aspect of being pampered. We just keep them as humans to make sure that they are fit enough to go through a proper procedure and that they will definitely go through that procedure.
“Again, let me assure the audience that there is no aspect of being pampered, we sort them out so that those who played no role are treated separately while those who actively participated. , the fighters will be treated separately. . So there is no aspect of pampering anyone.
Asked about Nigerians’ fears about the lack of sincerity or authenticity of the surrendered terrorists, General Musa said: “If you look at how it started, it’s because of kinetic and non-kinetic actions. The kinetic action was to make them understand that you can’t fight the nation and win and that’s what the military has been doing all the time that gives the result. The non-kinetic action is to give them windows of opportunity instead of staying and being killed you have the option to repent and get out and when you take out the laws with its parts treating yourself and knowing exactly what you have completed.
He said: “We have informed governments that even when you do this we have to pass the victims so that we can see models that have been used in other countries.
“South Africa, Rwanda have used this model because whatever you do, the kinetic aspect will never be the final solution. They have to come and there has to be dialogue and it is this aspect of the dialogue that brings this aspect that we sit down with them and they will sit down with the victims and there will be a truth and reconciliation committee that both will look at each other. face to face and say to what extent it is what was done, what next, the victims will listen and accept what needs to be done and therefore whatever process is done, the victims are carried away.
“We want to make sure that the victims are not the losers, no matter what. Thus, people should be assured that the proper process will take place and that there will be no compromise. Some of the victims are soldiers. I can tell you that I have lost wonderful officers and soldiers.
“So for us even accepting them was very difficult, but professionally we are supposed to do it. Once we have these windows and they are working we are supposed to make sure that we shut them down, bring them in and then the nation will argue through the constitution and that’s what’s going to happen.
“We want them to agree to fully understand that Operation Hadin Kai is only doing its part and that the military operation is just a line of operation which represents about 20%, the remaining 80% concerns the diplomacy, humanitarianism, justice, the rule of law and all those things. So, this is the stage we are in now.
“They are secured separately, they will not be released like that, they will be processed and some of the procedures that we have in place are that apart from the profiling done by our own Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), DSS and all. other security agencies.
So we have immigration, customs, and that’s what makes it a joint force operation. Everyone who has something to do also checks, we also invited the NIMC which takes everyone’s profiles.
“They take their thumbs and photos. So even after that, we know what they’re doing, we know where they are and we know where he’s going.
“This will show you that we are following the correct procedure and that no one will be compromised.
When asked if the insurgency war was coming to an end, he replied, “I want to assure you that there is more hope. There is no better time to hope than now. They go out alone without anyone coming to give them a peanut, nobody has paid anyone to come, we have not paid them to go out. It is of their own accord.
“They understood that kinetic effort works and I can assure you that if everyone is peaceful it will translate to other parts of the country and that’s all we’re trying to do.
ISWAP as we know is a foreign terrorist organization which is funded by foreign individuals and probably a few local but mostly foreign and then they have foreign leadership which means they have no participation in Nigeria.
“It is very clear that the ISWAPs are foreigners who come to invade our country which will never happen.
That’s why I want to encourage those of them, especially the members who are with them, to step back and understand that they have no interest in what these guys are doing. They do not wish the country well themselves, do not wish each other well and we will never allow a foreigner to step on the ground in Nigeria.
“So I think we want this to be very clear so that people understand that if we handle this properly I can assure you that we will see the end of the insurgency in the country and this is very important.”

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