Burkinabés shaken by deadliest jihadist attack since army takeover

A dark mood reigns throughout Burkina Faso where a new jihadist attack this weekend in the north left at least 79 people dead.

Following the bloodshed, the government began three days of mourning on Monday. The West African nation familiar with news like this is shaken.

“At the beginning, we had hope, we believed that as it was a military body, it (Lieutenant-Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba, editor’s note) was going to change the situation, save us from terrorist attacks, but now we don’t have any more I don’t know at all where we are, we don’t know if he’s working on it or if he’s fallen asleep… I don’t know but it’s too slow, …. “ Oumar Zoungrana, a driver based in Ouagadougou told our correspondent.

“They (the new government after the military took power in January, editor’s note) said they were coming to fight terrorism. We are still waiting. It’s not a question of trust, they have to be the height, that they prove to us that they took up arms for good reasons.” said cultural administrator Mahamoudou Nacanabo.

The attack is the deadliest since the army took power in January due to frustration at the inability to stem the insurgency. If people once thought the dark days of large-scale jihadist attacks were long gone, the latest is a reminder that the threat is still present and brutal. Dieudonné Zoungrana is the editor of the daily ‘Aujourd’hui au Faso’.

“People applauded (the military coup, editor’s note) because people said to themselves ‘that’s it, those who are committed to the task, to the fight against terrorism, have taken power’, so they thought they were going to end it, but four and a month and a half later, alas, the population is disillusioned because the future is still not looking good and today we have the impression that the hydra is gaining even more ground.” said Zoungrana.

Nearly 5,000 people have died in the past two years in Burkina Faso due to violence blamed on Islamist extremists.

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