Daughter of Briton Killed by ISIS Describes Confrontation with Death | UK News

The daughter of a British aid worker who was murdered by members of an ISIS terrorist cell described watching video of her beheading and looking a suspected IS killer in the eye in court .

David Haines was captured just days after arriving in Syria in 2013 and the following year was beheaded. The murder, which was recorded and published online, was one of several Western and Japanese captives of the gang of four ISIS militants nicknamed “The Beatles” by their hostages because of their British accent.

Last week Haines’ daughter Bethany flew to see El Shafee Elsheikh appear in court. He has been charged with several offenses related to the capture and beheading of four US hostages killed by the terrorist cell, but is not facing trial for the murder of Haines.

In the program: The Isis ‘Beatles’: Blood On Their Hands, which airs on ITV on Monday, Bethany Haines speaks openly and emotionally about her reaction to the news of her father’s death, as a teenager and still at school.

“It was almost a relief in a way, because you’ve been waiting for it for so long and it’s building up in your head, but then you have to realize that you’ll never see your father again.” she said.

“I was told not to look at him [the video], but it’s hard when so many people come up to you and ask you, so I locked myself in the bathroom and, you know, I went google, and there he came and sat down above. .. I felt physically ill. It was final, you know? I withdrew and just needed a little time to come to terms with what I had just witnessed.

Haines said it was after journalist James Foley was killed in August 2014 that she lost hope of a rescue mission, saying: “It changed everything.” She remembered that one of the hardest things back then was not being able to tell anyone that her father was being held hostage. At the same time, he was initially assured that he would come home. After Foley’s death, however, his fears increased when his father paraded in an orange jumpsuit with a knife to his neck.

She said, “That’s when I knew he wasn’t coming back. And we had to try to prepare for each day that the video would come out and finally it was done.

Elsheikh and fellow Briton Alexanda Amon Kotey were extradited to the United States last year after being stripped of their British citizenship. In September, Kotey pleaded guilty to several counts. As part of the plea deal, which will see him return to the UK after 15 years to serve his sentence, he has agreed to meet with each of the victims’ families if they request it.

The group’s leader, Mohammed Emwazi, known as “Jihadi John,” was killed in a US airstrike in 2015. The group’s fourth member, Aine Davis, was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2017 .

Elsheikh is due to be tried in January. After seeing him in court, Haines said, “He just looked me straight in the eye and I looked back at him. I’m not going to be intimidated by him. I’m not going to look away.

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