Explosions in Abu Dhabi with fear of a possible attack after several detonations

There is panic in Abu Dhabi tonight amid reports of at least two explosions.

Footage from the scene in downtown Abu Dhabi appears to show a building on fire, with some eyewitnesses saying a missile was fired there around 8.45pm London time.

An eyewitness said: “Urgent! Explosion in Abu Dhabi. Suspected a missile hit the city.”

Another video shows several emergency responders descending on a street, with reports of a second explosion.

The city is set to host the UEFA Club World Cup competition in the coming days.

Reports on social media suggested that one of the explosions happened 20 km from the hotel of Brazilian football team Palmerias.

At this point, it remains unclear what the source or motivation of the two explosions was and civilian injuries are also unknown.

Another video posted on social media shows the front of a hotel in which a man claims to have heard two explosions.

He said: “Everyone is talking about the explosions in Abu Dhabi, it was next to our hotel, it looks like a fire.

“But we definitely heard two explosions.”

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