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Professor Rasal Singh
The Delhi-based National Investigation Agency (NIA) Special Court recently handed down life imprisonment to infamous terrorist and separatist leader Mohammad Yasin Malik. The conviction and subsequent sentencing of this self-proclaimed chairman of a banned terrorist organization, the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), came in a case registered by the NIA in 2017, linked to terrorism and secessionist activities. in the valley of Kashmir. The case also involved an investigation into fundraising from all possible sources, including the Hawala network.
After conducting a thorough investigation into this case and during the filing of the indictment in 2018, the NIA shed light on the role played by the Hurriyat Conference through evidence such as funds raised by its leaders and their associates under cover of providing technical services. / medical education for Kashmiri students in Pakistan. The same money was channeled to finance terrorism and terrorism-related activities in the valley. Moreover, it appeared that by inciting the militants through finance, the Hurriyat was trying to boil the pot in the JK and thus waging a war against India. Thus, a “trigon” of the Hurriyat Conference, Pakistan, and terrorist organizations operated in an organized fashion to destabilize the country. However, the fourth angle of traditional white-collar leadership has yet to be exposed.
For a long time this “quadrant” has gone hand in hand to promote enmity and wage undeclared war against the Union of India. In February 2019, the NIA raided the homes of Yasin Malik, Shabbir Shah, Mohammad Ashraf Khan, Masarat Alam, Zafar Akbar Bhat, Naseem Gilani, son of Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Asiya Andrabi, etc. Eighteen separatist leaders were arrested after several incriminating acts. material and evidence were seized from their premises during the raids. Without a doubt, Yasin Malik is the most vicious and evil face of the terrorist and separatist cocktail, and his conviction is only the tip of the iceberg, other terrorists and separatists should also be punished in the same way way. It is time for the horrific murders of non-Muslim Kashmiris to be opened. The least we can do as a society is to face up to these truths, however inconvenient they may be, and tell the world how much Hindus and Sikhs have suffered immensely in the face of genocides and pogroms in Jammu and -Cashmere. A decisive battle against terrorism can only be fought by uncovering the “Kashmir files” that have been gathering dust for decades and swift action against the perpetrators must be taken.
While life imprisonment for Yasin Malik, who has proclaimed to transform ‘Gandhiwadi’ from a feared terrorist, is a welcome step, it is nevertheless worrying that terrorists and separatists like him and many others go unpunished in business going on for decades. Yasin Malik alone has more than 65 criminal cases pending against him in different police stations across the country. Some of these cases date back more than 35 years. These cases include the abduction of Rubia Sayeed, the youngest daughter of then Interior Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, in December 1989, the brutal murder of Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna and four of his fellow officers of the Air Force on 25 January 1990, the disruption of the 1983 India-West Indies cricket match by digging up a cricket pitch, and the heinous killings of hundreds of innocent non-Muslim Kashmiri between 1989 and 1994 are particularly noteworthy.
Moreover, the reaction of Ms. Nirmal Khanna, wife of Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna, to the life imprisonment of Yasin Malik is significant. She said “Malik has not yet been punished for his sins, this is just the beginning”. Expressing her helplessness and dissatisfaction with the delay in getting justice, she also called for an early death sentence for him, his associates and the ‘Jaichands’ who became his assistants. This statement by Nirmal Khanna is enough to prove that the fight against terrorism has so far been circumspect. From a young woman fighting for justice for her late husband, she has grown old, but the killer has roamed free for the past 32 years.
To bring about an end to the war on terror, it is relevant to reveal why and on whose order, Yasin Malik was released in 1994, despite his involvement in a number of heinous terrorist/criminal acts? Moreover, the white collar Jaichands who have become the guardrails of the terrorists should also be exposed. Repeated links between terrorists/separatists with mainstream politicians and secular-liberal human rights activists also need to be verified. The conviction of Yasin Malik is a direct consequence of the initiatives taken by the central government to break the back of terrorism operating in the valley. Otherwise, the story of being released on bail after being arrested would have repeated itself this time too and Yasin Malik and his accomplices would have dug the foundations of the country by committing terrorist activities and then would have been conveniently released on bail!
The pace of the Indian judicial process is extremely slow and nerve-wracking. Resourceful criminals often take advantage of this situation. Vigilance thrives. Often the oppressed are “punished” more than the criminals. The essential requirement of the administration of criminal justice is the need for a speedy trial. At least, cases related to anti-national activities like terrorism should be settled quickly. They should be tried in special courts/fast track courts rather than ordinary courts; so that by giving appropriate and time-limited punishment to the killers of innocent civilians, the appropriate message can be conveyed to their bosses, companions and to society. Despite his links to terrorism and his involvement in the genocide of non-Muslims in the valley, former governments and leftist media have often tried to present Yasin Malik as an icon of peace and the Messiah of Kashmiris. The “secular-liberal” intelligentsia has time and again tried to whitewash the crimes committed by Yasin Malik by treating him with kid gloves and often viewing him as a legitimate player in the Kashmir peace process. It should be noted that Yasin Malik was part of the Kashmiri delegation to meet then-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and was also among those who traveled to Pakistan on the ‘Caravan-e-Aman’ bus service. launched in April 2005. He was even sent to America to talk about the “Kashmir problem”. These terrorist separatists, who became the coerced actors in the Kashmir issue, spoke of India’s unity, integrity and sovereignty in Delhi, preached secularism and independence in Jammu and, in reaching Srinagar, they repeated the Pak position. These anti-nationals have thrived on foreign money and have only sown and reaped the crops of terror and bloodshed over the years. In 2008, at protest allocation of 800 kanal forest land to Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB), after 3 terrorists meeting in 2010 and Burhan Wani meeting in 2016, they spared no effort to denigrate India’s image in international forums, and at the same time wreaks havoc in the valley by orchestrating violent protests and encouraging stone throwing, sabotage, use of arson, bombs etc. These people are not only enemies of India but also of peace and progress in general. Terrorism can be nipped in the bud by prosecuting and punishing the perpetrators of terrorist offences, preventing and countering radicalization and violent extremism, dismantling terrorist networks and countering their financing, it is not only then can prosperity be brought to Jammu and Kashmir.
Promising movement has been observed in this direction under the present central dispensation which has shown considerable courage and determination to combat the menace. However, the Gupkar gang’s reaction to Yasin Malik’s sentencing reveals their true colors and true intentions. Gupkar gang spokesman Yousuf Tarigami said Malik’s life sentence would further fuel alienation and separatist sentiments in the valley and called her unfortunate. Mehbooba Mufti (the biggest lawyer and spokesperson for the separatists) argued that the Kashmir issue cannot be solved by India’s heavy-handed policy. She added that many people in Kashmir have been hanged and many are sentenced to life imprisonment, however, this did not help to solve the problem…over time it only got worse. His reference was to the execution of parliament attack mastermind Afzal Guru. Mehbooba Mufti seems to have lost the plot after being ousted from power. His vision also deteriorated over time. She must have her eyesight fixed before accessing the current situation in the valley, which is rapidly improving, contrary to what she has repeatedly projected. Now water, not blood, flows in the Jhelum and Tawi rivers. After decades, Kashmir is experiencing record tourist numbers this year. As the guns begin to fall silent, tourism is exploding in Kashmir. Moreover, the reforms and positive changes that took place after August 2019 in the Valley left her and her gang restless and distraught. Thus, she tries to deceive the local people and the international society by making outrageous statements from time to time. Moreover, she has a habit of courting controversy after controversy to stay in the limelight.
One of the main features of Narendra Modi’s era as Prime Minister is the zero-tolerance policy towards terrorism. Decisive initiatives have been taken to reduce the capacity of terrorists and their supporters and sympathizers, as well as to dominate the battle of perceptions and beliefs. All their financial sources have been hermetically sealed. Most separatists are imprisoned and the perpetrators eliminated. In addition, stone flayers and hired miscreants were also suppressed. People involved in such activities no longer receive “clearance” from the police for passports and jobs. Government officials engaged in anti-Indian activities and those who returned “after studying” from Pakistan are also thoroughly investigated and, if necessary, expelled. India’s recent actions stand out for their extraordinary boldness and calculated risk against the scourge of terrorism. India has shown a firmness rarely seen since independence. As a result, a fresh start has been made in Kashmir, ending panic, terrorism, fear, corruption, nepotism and a new era of peace, development, prosperity and coexistence has begun.
(The author is Dean, Student’ Welfare, Central University of Jammu.)

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