Houthis step up oppression against tribes in Sanaa and Amran

Houthi militias have stepped up their attacks on tribesmen and leaders near Sanaa and Amran governorates to seize their land and property and undermine opponents.

Local sources in Sanaa told Asharq Al-Awsat that just weeks after the militia raids, killings, sieges, assaults and kidnappings in Saraf village in Bani Hashish district, they are again targeting the residents around Sanaa and Amran after they refused to hand over their property.

According to three tribal sources in the Sanaa countryside, the Houthis killed Bakil Ayed outside his house in the village of Saraf a few days ago and abducted his ten-year-old son.

Earlier, militias threatened dignitaries and residents of Bani Hashish with sending a Houthi leader nicknamed ‘the butcher’ on an unprecedented military campaign to intimidate them after they repeatedly refused to hand over their land .

According to the sources, gunmen in a Houthi vehicle blocked the road of a convoy carrying Sheikh Adel Sbeih from the village of Saraf en route to the town and shot him, killing him instantly.

The militias also sent a massive military campaign that included dozens of military and armored vehicles, intending to break into the village of Saraf.

A group of Saraf residents confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat that the recent military campaign has been accompanied by searches, humiliations, assaults and kidnappings against dozens of its residents, including women and children . They also looted the contents of looted houses.

They said militias are still stationed on many roads and hills near the village, forcing people to stay at home.

Villagers said the Houthi campaign came after villagers refused to hand over their land and allow prominent group leaders to take control of local factories.

Yemeni human rights organizations denounced the crimes and grave violations against the residents of Saraf village and demanded an end to the campaign and the release of all detainees.

Human rights organization Shohood said Houthi militias are committing unprecedented crimes and abuses in Saraf village, calling for international intervention to lift the siege.

In a statement, the organization condemned the military campaign which targeted dozens of Al Shabikh and Al Sarfi families in Sanaa, including women and children, and imposed a blockade on the village.

He added that he followed with great concern the insistence of militias to pursue civilians without any regard for customs, traditions, laws and international human rights laws.

The militias also demolished Saad Abdullah Whan’s house a few days ago and moved his family to al-Khasmin neighborhood in Shamlan without any legal basis.

Local Yemeni sources reported that insurgents attacked Beit Sael village in Ghoula Ajeeb area of ​​Amran with various medium and light weapons.

The sources said residents responded to militias targeting their homes and burning several vehicles, while the group used mortars before tribal mediation intervened to stop the campaign.

Sources believe the clashes stemmed from a Houthi leader’s attempt to plunder land belonging to the sons of tribal sheikh Mohsen Saleh Sayel about a month ago.

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