How did Mannu Yadav and Aditya Gupta convert to Islam?



From Mannu Yadav to Abdul Manan

“The Muslims drove my son crazy,” said Anita Yadav, 43, recalling how her son’s behavior suddenly changed in February.

“On the morning of February 17, Mannu asked me to call his father. He wanted to discuss an urgent matter, he said. Then he took a piece of paper out of his bag and handed it to my husband, ”she said.

It was Manan’s conversion certificate, signed by Kasmi from IDC. As her husband was reading it, Anita recalls, he almost passed out. “Mannu is no longer ours,” her husband told her. “He assumed the identity of Abdul Manan.”

Her husband Rajiv Yadav, who works as a taxi driver, intervened: “They have ruined our son. I ask the government to fix his brain, to find a doctor to help him recover from the brainwashing.

Anita and Rajiv Yadav were at home in Babupur village in Gurgaon, tired after a day of incessant media interviews. Holding her head in her hands, Anita told a neighbor her head was spinning. The neighbor consoled Anita: “You will have to continue doing the interviews. “

Manan, 22, is the youngest son of Anita and Rajiv. Deaf and dumb, he communicates through sign language. His older brother, Ankit, works in the real estate industry.

Manan’s family did not accept his new religious identity, but he stood firm. “For the next five days, he didn’t eat anything. He tore his clothes and threw away our idols and pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses, ”Anita said. “So we called the RSS workers of a gaushala who tried to convince Mannu to eat and assured him that we would let him do what he wanted.” However, the family confiscated her phone.

Manan finally started to eat, but only sparingly. He insisted that he would not eat properly until he was allowed to return to his Muslim friends. It is not known if his family prevented him from doing so.

On occasion, when he was getting frustrated, Manan would bang his head against a wall. “He would say he loved Islam more than this religion,” said Anita, meaning Hinduism. “We didn’t want him to go into the Islamic fold.”

Manan stayed at home for about two months, his mother said, but did not say if it was on his own or if the family had held him back. During this time, his mother added, he has changed significantly. He started wearing kurta pajamas, for example, instead of shirts and pants.

The transformation, however, had been a long time coming. Manan started talking about Islam in 2017, Anita recalls. “He told me that if we were to die, he would like to bury us instead of cremating us as is the Hindu custom,” she said. “We shut him up that time.”

In 2018, Manan started taking sign language classes at the Noida Deaf Society. A year later, he asked his parents if he could move into the school foyer. They refused because they did not want him to spend more time with his friends whom they suspected were pushing Manan towards Islam – Shakeel Khan from Faridabad, Wajib Ali from Nuh and a Gagan from Delhi who had also become a Muslim. recently. The four had become friends while pursuing vocational welding training at an industrial training institute in Gurgaon.

In December 2020, Manan traveled to Jalandhar to take a physical test for a post in the military. He did not qualify. “He was upset and we think that’s when his Muslim friends told him to leave his gods and goddesses behind and follow the path of Allah,” Anita guessed.


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