Insecurity: the presidency begs the media not to publish terrorist propaganda

Insecurity: Presidency pleads with media not to publish terrorist propaganda – Nairametrics

Following a video of torture of victims of the Abuja-Kaduna train incident in March released by terrorists, the Nigerian government has said the media must increase their support in the fight against internet exploitation and social media for terrorist purposes.

This was revealed in a statement from the presidency on Sunday evening.

The victims of the Kaduna train attack have remained in captivity for more than 100 days and were shown in a video being beaten by their captors on Sunday.

What the presidency says

  • The presidency said, “Terrorist activity using propaganda and the use of violence to force governments to accept or submit to political demands is not new around the world.
  • “The country’s security and defense forces are neither helpless nor powerless. They have their plans and their ways that they won’t show in the media,
  • The presidency said the dilemmas in dealing with the specific case of terrorists on trains are manifold, citing punitive actions like the popular call for carpet bombings of known locations that can appease an angry public’s desire for revenge.
  • The president said:but what about the hostages? They have committed no offence. All they did was get on a train.
  • “Terrorism is a global scourge that must be fought by all actors – the military, the civilian population and communications service providers. This is the only way to eliminate the havens of terrorists in all regions of the world.
  • “To help the nation against the current situation, the media must increase their support in the fight against the exploitation of the Internet and social networks for terrorist purposes.”

The statement added that the President has done everything and even more than what is expected of him as Commander-in-Chief in terms of moral support, material and equipment to the military and expects nothing less than good results in the ‘immediate.

What you should know

  • On March 29, the Nigerian Railway Corpus confirmed that passengers were abducted after an explosive device derailed a train and then attacked the train, killing and kidnapping passengers as well.

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