Intel warns of surge in terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir Valley – The New Indian Express


NEW DELHI: Security agencies have received an intelligence report of a possible surge in attacks by terrorists using Armor Piercing Incendiary (API) in Jammu and Kashmir. API is a type of projectile that has the potential to pierce bulletproof vests and bulletproof vehicles. According to reports received, these APIs, which were previously provided to anti-Indian terrorist groups by Pakistan, may now fall into the hands of terrorists, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba in large numbers, due to their connection to the Taliban. .

In response, the Home Office ordered troops stationed in the valley to line up their bulletproof vests, helmets and bulletproof materials used to protect the jawans and their vehicles, senior sources said. In the context of the emerging scenario following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, there are fears that more APIs will be introduced into India by foreign terrorists in the coming months.
More than a dozen encounters involving IPAs have already taken place since the heinous attack on Pulwama on February 14 in which mainly Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists were found involved.

In recent years, several reports prepared by the United Nations have asserted that groups like JeM and LeT are working in close coordination with the Taliban.

“From the point of view of India’s security, the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan will not begin to manifest until around March-April, when the snow begins to melt on the high passes of Kashmir. Pakistan could try to push terrorists with advanced weapons towards India via Afghanistan as they have done in the past. We want to improve our ability to resist APIs, ”said a senior government official.

He added that the Central Reserve Police and Police in Jammu and Kashmir have been urged by the MHA to at least double the high-quality bulletproof equipment required to counter IPY. According to sources, the CRPF alone has around 2,000 armored personnel carriers in Jammu and Kashmir. The central police have around 15,000 bulletproof helmets and 35,000 bulletproof vests, of which around 2,000, mainly used by rapid response teams, are equipped to counter API attacks.

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