Kamikaze pigeons are trained to prevent terrorist attacks



The so-called “suicide pigeons” are trained to prevent terrorist attacks from happening.

The idea is currently being explored by a private U.S. company where researchers are studying the idea of ​​pigeons shooting down drones that could pose a threat.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are increasingly popular with military personnel around the world, and researchers now hope that pigeons can use their natural flight instincts and keen eyesight to lure them towards enemy drones.

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According to iNews, the birds will be trained to fly on a machine to neutralize an attack on a potential target. However, this would endanger the life of the bird.

This is not the first time that pigeons have been used in combat; apparently, winged warriors were also used during WWII, where American scientists trained birds to fly a glider-type bomb by conditioning the birds to recognize the image of a target.

The unusual drone deterrent follows growing concerns about the evolution of so-called drone “swarms”, where multiple drones operate in an interconnected fashion using artificial intelligence (AI) for military purposes.

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A UK official said of the potential threat:

Everyone saw the drone demonstration during the opening ceremony of the [Tokyo] Olympic Games. Now imagine those 2,000 or so drones not making pretty pictures but each armed with smart ammunition and programmed to search for multiple, interconnected and changing targets – like an infantry battalion, or even just a mob. And then imagine that you don’t even need multiple operators of these drones.

“They’re self-sufficient and all it takes is the press of a button to launch the equivalent of an entire air force. It’s the kind of ability that quickly comes around the corner, ”they continued.

It is not known if and when the kamikaze pigeons will be tested.

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