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Pujith, Hemasiri released…! Easter victims will be found guilty…! No other solution than to internationalize…!

– Russel Hewawasam writes

(Lanka-e-News- Feb 21, 2021, 11:30 a.m.) A special court today set a good example to prove that the Easter Sunday Massacre case was just a Gota government ploy to kill the time. The Special High Court in Colombo on Friday (February 18th) acquitted former IGP Pujith Jayasundara and former Defense Secretary Hemasiri Fernando who were charged with 855 counts including failing to prevent the terrorist attack on the Easter Sunday.

The High Court delivered Hemasiri’s verdict in the morning and Pujith’s in the evening. The panel consisted of Namal Balalle, Adithya Patabendige and Mohamed Irshadeen.

Just a media show…

The Attorney General had filed the criminal case against these two with 855 indictments. One can imagine the outcome of the remaining cases since Pujith and Hemasiri had been acquitted without hearing the testimony of the defendants, throwing in the trash the 855 charges of the Attorney General without being heard. If the Attorney General of this country brings hundreds of thousands of charges against a defendant, people should understand that this is a case dismissed without a trial, and also a case filed for a media show.

So, as a result of this so-called legal process regarding the Easter bombings, worshipers who went to churches on Easter Sunday and the approximately 300 people who went to tourist hotels are more likely to be found guilty.

What about Hemasiri’s statement then…

What Hemasiri Fernando, the former defense secretary, told the international media at the time about the Easter Massacre was heavily criticized by the world. You and we will never forget the stories he told then. “There were reports of a bomb attack, but I didn’t think it would be that bad. It’s not the government’s responsibility to protect tourist hotels in Sri Lanka, it’s their job to do so. do,” Hemasiri said. Although Hemasiri was not one of the masterminds of the attack, it is clear to ordinary people from his statement that Hemasiri is guilty of not having done anything to prevent the attack when he held a key position in the Ministry of Defence.

One of the recommendations of the Presidential Commission is to file a complaint against Hemasiri and Pujith. Government twists report, conceals special sections, acquits authors; in short, the government is trying to make a victim of crime an accused victim. White vans pursue those who speak out against this injustice. This government also turned the Easter Commission into another commission that squandered millions of public funds.

No worries…

What the Catholic Church must do now is not to wait for another round of massacres by Easter criminals, but to fight for an international investigation immediately without any fear that it will harm the country. Otherwise, what will happen? You will have to cry for the 300 lives that were killed, and suppress that for a while, and shed tears over the loss of thousands more new lives for political gain.

The current government is dragging the country into such a religious conflict. Attempts are made to create vulgar sinful hatred in order to involve the Catholic community in such conflict.

As these criminals have been charged with mass murder by a full commission, attention should be paid to calling for possible international intervention and the possible escape of these criminals from the country.

The Ministry of the Attorney General a joke…

Links to the Gota government over the Easter Massacre have now been revealed. We have one more question to ask.

The attorney general had filed 855 indictments against the former secretary of defense and the former inspector general of police; Are these all ridiculous allegations that cannot be judged once by a special tribunal?

The Attorney General’s Ministry, instead of protecting the public, protects criminals under the Gota government, sabotaging public money, tarnishing its official image.

– Russel Hewawasam

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