Local neon company creates artwork for Casablanca museum


Utica’s Just Neon Company, one of the few American neon companies in existence, recently recreated movie memorabilia for a museum in Rochester.

Just Neon owner Howard Cohen announced Monday that the George Eastman Museum in Rochester recently asked him to make a replica of the neon sign that appeared in Humphrey Bogart’s classic “Casablanca” Ingrid Bergman.

Cohen said the iconic neon sign, “Rick’s Cafe Americain” was made from photographs and original film clips from the 1942 film. Just Neon collaborated with the Historic Sign Restoration Company of Rochester to recreate the nostalgic sign.

Ian of the Eastman Museum and Howard Cohen appear in front of the replica of the new sign. Photo courtesy of Howard Cohen for TSM.

“Neon signs have been around for years and with the strong resurgence we are meeting the needs of this form of lettering and lighting,” Cohen said. Just Neon is located on James Street in Utica where they create neon signs and clocks, and repair neon signs around the world.

Customized Just Neon signs have been featured on major TV shows, including NBC’s The Today Show, American Restoration, Deal or No Deal, as well as several other major network shows. A Just Neon “Keeler in the Morning” clock was also custom made for the WIBX studio.

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