Madrasa linked to terrorist suspect demolished; CM Sarma says Assam is becoming a hotbed for Islamic fundamentalists

Guwahati: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Thursday expressed concern that the northeastern state was becoming a hotbed for Islamic fundamentalists. He cited the dismantling of five terrorist modules in Assam over the past five months as the basis of his fears.

“It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that Assam is becoming a hotbed for Islamic fundamentalists. When you break five pods and the whereabouts of the other five Bangladeshi nationals are still unknown, you can imagine the gravity,” Assam’s CM told reporters.

Sarma said authorities today demolished a madrasa in Morigaon which was headed by Mustafa alias Mufti Mustafa. Mustafa was recently arrested by security agencies for his alleged links to the Bangladesh-based terror group, Ansarullah Bangla Team.

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The Jamiul Huda madrasa in the Moirabari region was headed by Mustafa. Aparna N, Superintendent of Police (SP) of Morigaon district, said earlier today that the madrasa had been demolished.

“In Morigaon today, Jamiul Huda Madrasa has been demolished under the Disaster Management Act and UAPA. 43 students were studying in this madrasa, who have been admitted to different schools now. Mustafa alias Mufti Mustafa had obtained a doctorate in Islamic law from Bhopal in 2017,” the CM of Assam informed.

Sarma further said that the forces arrested six members associated with the Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT) from Barpeta in March this year.

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“The kingpin of this team was a Bangladeshi national who entered India illegally,” he said.

The forces also seized a book related to the bust from the Morigaon madrasa of the ABT module. The book contains literature on jihad.

“Do not entertain imams from outside”

Speaking at the press conference, the CM of Assam urged residents not to entertain any imams from outside. “If you do not know him, please report him to the nearest police station“, launched the CM. He further asked people to monitor what is taught to children in madrasas.

Sarma informed that as part of his government’s efforts, they have already converted government-run madrasas into general schools

“We have already abolished 800 government madrasas in Assam. But there are many Qawmi madrasas in the state. ‘Assam.

Assam CM also spoke on the People’s Front of India. Sarma said that while the PFI, suspected of being involved in extremist activities in several parts of the country, had no direct connection with the modules dismantled in the state, it was however involved in the creation of an ecosystem.

“They are not related but PFI creates an ecosystem in which Muslims are victimized by the state. They don’t say that the main beneficiaries of the programs are also Muslims,” Sarma said, adding that “even then, the PFI creates a sentiment against Assam that Muslims have been victimized.”

Sarma said Assam Police had however established PFI’s involvement in older cases in the state.

The 5 ABT modules

For the record, at least five terrorist modules have been dismantled in Assam in the last 5 months. These include the dismantling of a module in Barpeta on March 4, when 6 people with alleged links to ABT were arrested. The second ABT module was also destroyed in Barpeta on April 14, and six people were arrested.

The third ABT module was dismantled in Jogighopa and four people were detained in Tripura. ABT’s fourth module was unearthed in Morigaon under which the madrasa was demolished today.

Assam Police destroyed the fifth ABT pod on July 27 at Barpeta and 9 suspected ABT members were arrested.

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