Nadimarg massacre mastermind assassination in militant attack on divine justice: Kashmiri Pandit leaders



Kashmiri Pandit migrant leaders on Monday called the murder in a militant attack on an arrested terrorist from Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) who allegedly organized the 2003 Nadimarg massacre of 24 local Hindus as “ divine justice ”.

Zia Mustafa, a Pakistani terrorist who was arrested in 2003 in Kashmir, was killed in activist gunfire on Sunday when he was taken to the Bhatta Durrian forest in Poonch for the identification of a terrorist hiding place during an operation of the security forces. Three security guards were injured.

However, the leaders of the Kashmir Pandit said the government should not always wait for “God’s intervention” to bring justice to the victims and instead revamp the counterterrorism system and set up fast-track courts to settle terrorism-related cases. a.s.a.p. possible time.

Originally from Rawalakot in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), Mustafa alias Abdullah was arrested in southern Kashmir in April 2003. He was transferred from Kot Bhalwal Jammu prison to Poonch on remand.

Police said he orchestrated the gruesome murder of 24 Kashmiri pundits including 11 women and two children in Nadimarg village of Shopian on March 23, 2003. ” We see his murder as a bit of divine justice for the victims of the massacre Panun Kashmir Chairman Ajay Chrungoo told PTI.

It’s unfortunate that despite being the mastermind of the case, he was still a prisoner on trial. This highlights the shortcomings of our system and the need to reorganize the justice system to inflict immediate punishment on the perpetrators involved in terrorist acts, ” he said.

He said India is the biggest victim of terrorism and the situation requires the government to focus on strengthening the anti-terrorism law and establishing special fast-track courts to deal with it.

Former Kashmir Pundit Conference (ASKPC) Secretary General TK Bhat said “God has brought justice to the victims while the government has failed them.”

Police say he was the mastermind behind the massacre, but the case had dragged on in court for 18 years. The court should have decided his fate if he is innocent or guilty, ” he said, echoing Chrungoo’s call to set up fast-track courts to deal with arrested terrorists.

He said the trial in all terrorism-related cases should be completed as soon as possible, as delayed justice equates to a denial of justice. “Anyone found innocent must be released, but those convicted must receive an appropriate sentence to bring justice to victims of violence,” he said.

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