Neo-Nazi was the guest of a posh fundraising dinner for a right-wing charity that tried to dig up dirt on a Canadian judge


A notorious neo-Nazi was among the guests at a controversial right-wing charity’s gala dinner, alongside a who’s who of Canadian media figures, powerful lawyers and wealthy Toronto philanthropists.

The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms, a charity that focuses on litigation and advocacy for conservative social causes, recently came under scrutiny after it hired a private investigator to track and monitor the judge chief of Manitoba in an unsuccessful attempt to catch the judge violating COVID-19 restrictions.

In a public statement, the Justice Center’s board of directors condemned the charity’s executive director, John Carpay, for admitting to hiring the private investigator.

The Justice Center, which is quietly funded by some of Canada’s richest people, has pledged to conduct a “full review” of decision-making within the charity.

Despite this commitment, the Justice Center now has little to say about why a neo-Nazi sat next to donors and VIPs at a $ 200 per plate fundraising dinner.

Hosted at the Eglinton Grand Theater in Toronto, the Justice Center’s ‘George Jonas Freedom Award Dinner’ in June 2019 was sponsored by Postmedia and featured the late National Post reporter Christie Blatchford and criminal lawyer Marie Henein, who was Jian Ghomeshi’s lawyer, as keynote speakers.

Other VIP guests spotted at the gala included Jon and Barbara Kay, Brian Lilley and Anthony Furey of the Toronto Sun, and filmmaker David Cronenberg.

Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms

Another gala attendee was Paul Fromm, who is a well-known neo-Nazi.

Earlier this year, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole took steps to expel one of his own Tory MPs, Derek Sloan, after Press Progress reported that Sloan had accepted a donation from Fromm.

Photos posted to Facebook by the Justice Center and Fromm show the neo-Nazi chatting with Blatchford at the event.

Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms (Facebook)

Fromm confirmed that he was able to purchase two $ 200 plates at the Justice Center’s benefit gala dinner for himself and one plus one.

“It is always a joy to be among big-hearted people dedicated to freedom and freedom of speech in a country that sinks so sadly into a culture of Puritan and censored cancellation,” said the neo Nazi. Press Progress, noting that he had felt a sense of “brotherhood” while attending the Justice Center dinner.

Fromm said his main focus that evening was “to help honor” Blatchford, explaining that he had “been in contact with Christie for many years.”

“I admired his courageous court reporting and his excellent book on the complete surrender of the police and government to the native thugs in Caledonia.”

Paul Fromm (Facebook)

In a statement to Press Progress, the Justice Center said tickets for their fundraising gala dinner were “available to the general public.”

“The Justice Center has no association with Fromm or its organization,” the charity said, adding that it “is reviewing this process as part of our commitment to institute a comprehensive review of operations and taking decision of the Justice Center “.

“We categorically oppose anti-Semitism, which runs directly counter to our Vision for Canada where ‘Every Canadian is treated equally by governments and the courts, regardless of race, ancestry, ethnicity, age, sex, characteristics’. “

It remains unclear whether the event’s organizers knew Fromm was a well-known neo-Nazi when they sat him next to the Justice Center donors, although Fromm was somewhat familiar with the organization. given that he had recently intervened in a case before a human rights tribunal in British Columbia alongside the Judicial Center.

The Justice Center acknowledges that Fromm intervened in the case, but noted that other organizations, including the West Coast LEAF and the BC Teachers’ Federation, had also intervened – although they did intervene on behalf of the other part.

Fromm would not say if he communicated directly with Carpay or other Justice Center staff at any time during or before the gala.

Photos from the event show Fromm was seated at Table 10, located at the back of the room, next to the bar. He explained that he had simply “taken the table which had been assigned to me”.

Fromm could not remember the names of the other guests seated at his table except for Rick Mehta, a former Acadia University professor and figure in the Campus Culture War who was fired for injury to life. private in 2018. He recalled “the food was good”. and switched from white table wine to cabernet merlot.

Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms (Facebook)

Fromm identifies himself as a “White nationalist” and says he rejects the term “Nazi” because he thinks the word is a intended to demean Adolf Hitler’s party. Organizations that closely monitor hate groups, including the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, identified Fromm as a neo-Nazi.

A 1994 government report prepared for the Solicitor General alleged that Fromm personally helped organize a birthday party for Hitler, which was to be attended by local skinheads. The report also observed that Fromm spoke at a “Martyrs’ Day rally,” an event in honor of the death of an American neo-Nazi leader.

Fromm also appeared in photographs with members of the neo-Nazi terrorist group “Blood and Honor”, an “international neo-Nazi network” which was added to Canada’s official list of terrorist groups under the Criminal Code in 2019. .

In one photo, Fromm can be seen wearing a “white pride” t-shirt holding the terrorist group‘s banner as members of the terrorist group salute the Nazis.

Fromm with “Blood and Honor” (Collectif Anti-Raciste Canada)

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Fromm’s public statements on Twitter leave little ambiguity about his views.

Fromm tweeted statements questioning the official Holocaust death toll and claimed the Nazis were the real victims of WWII.

In a recent statement emailed to supporters, Acting Justice Center President Lisa Bildy attempted to address growing concerns about the charity’s future, noting that “the Justice Center occupies a critical and often lonely space in Canada ”.

While Bildy admitted “we are going to take a bruise for a few days in the media”, she said the Justice Center intended to “get back in the saddle right away”.

Update: This story has been updated to include a statement from the Justice Center that was provided several hours after posting.

The Justice Center said it was not aware of having received a media request for Press Progress for more than a full working day because the charity “is implementing internal changes.”

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