Nigerian troops repelled Boko Haram attack on Borno town, wounded many terrorists – army spokesman



The Nigerian military said on Monday that task force 25th brigade troops successfully foiled an attempt by dozens of Boko Haram terrorists to invade the town of Damboa in Borno state with the shootout that ensued, leading to the flight of several terrorists with gunshot wounds.

The attempted attack took place on Sunday, army spokesman Onyema Nwachukwu said in a statement.

Damboa is approximately 87 kilometers by road from Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State.

According to the army, the criminals approached on foot and on motorbikes, but were forced to retreat after the troops opened fire.

However, two vehicles belonging to the Civilian Joint Task Force were razed.

The military said it was currently on the trail of “runaway terrorists”.

The statement read: “The troops of the 25th brigade of the task force, operation HADIN KAI in the northeast suppressed a dawn attack attempted on the city of Damboa in the early hours of Sunday August 8 by Boko Haram. and terrorists in the province of the Islamic State of West Africa. The criminals made a futile effort to infiltrate the city, but were faced with a large volume of fire from vigilant troops.

“As they attempted to infiltrate the city with an unconfirmed number of infantrymen and some mounted on motorcycles, the terrorists sustained debilitating gunshot wounds from the gunfire, forcing them to retreat into the area. the disarray. The troops are currently on the trail of fleeing terrorists. Unfortunately, during the exchange of fire that followed, two vehicles belonging to the Civilian Joint Task Force were razed to the ground.

“Operation HADIN KAI troops were commended for their vigilance and swift response in suppressing the attack. They are also encouraged not to allow any form of distraction from marauding terrorists, whose ranks have suffered tremendous downsizing due to ongoing aerial and artillery bombardments.

“The law-abiding people of northeastern Nigeria are assured of the determination of the Army Chief of Staff to finally drive out the Boko Haram / Islamic State criminals from West Africa Province of their hiding places. The right people in the North East are also encouraged to continue providing the troops with actionable information that will improve the execution of the ongoing counterterrorism operations in the region. “


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