PM awaits further reports on last year’s terror attack on government building


ZAGREB, July 23, 2021 – Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Friday he expected further reports from all security services on last year’s terrorist attack on the government building in Holy Square -Marc in Zagreb, because he doubted that the attacker had any accomplices.

“This matter is too important and too serious and it has not been discussed much. If it happened in another country, believe me, nothing would be overlooked until it is found who drove this person to do something like that, “Plenković told reporters during a visit to the southern island of Hvar.

The public prosecutor’s office (DORH) said on Thursday that the attack on October 12, 2020, carried out by Danijel Bezuk, 23, was an act of terrorism but that the attacker had neither accomplice nor instigator.

Commenting on DORH’s decision, Plenković said he saw footage of the attack, recalling that the perpetrator had returned twice to shoot at the government building and the police.

“This incident was unprecedented. The perpetrator was young. This act cannot be qualified other than a terrorist attack because it was an attack on an institution”, declared the Prime Minister.

He added that it was difficult for him to believe that such a young man had committed such a crime without reason and without provocation.

“I think more effort should be made to see who the people are who influenced such a youngster, who indoctrinated him and got him to do something like that. I don’t think he had him- even made the weapon he used, or learned to shoot on his own, or that he made that decision on his own. I doubt there were any accomplices or instigators, “Plenković said. .

He said he still maintained his statement that the aggressor was influenced by “certain political parties”.

“I won’t name any names now, but I mentioned them the other day,” Plenković said, referring to parties accusing his government of being a “Croatian-Serbian trade coalition”.

He said he supported tolerance and respect for ethnic minorities and was against an exclusive and aggressive Croatia, stressing that such parties would never partner with his HDZ.

When asked how long St Mark’s Square, the seat of government and parliament, will remain closed, Plenković said that decision rests with the Interior Ministry and the security services.

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