Prisoner rehabilitation program used by Fishmongers’ Hall terrorist disbanded

Khan had been invited to Cambridge University’s Learning Together conference as a convicted terrorist, who had been released from prison under license.

The program, which was started by Dr Amy Ludlow and Dr Ruth Armstrong in January 2015, was intended to enable offenders and students to study together.

But Khan – who had been jailed for plotting to blow up the London Stock Exchange in 2012 – managed to trick probation and organizers into believing he was a reformed figure.

On Monday, the University of Cambridge announced that following an independent review, a decision has been made to stop the program.

In a statement, Professor Stephen Toope, Vice-Chancellor, said: “The Learning Together program has helped improve many lives.

“But the London Bridge tragedy has caused unimaginable grief. Accordingly, an independent review recommended that the program be discontinued. The University Council and the General Council have decided to follow this recommendation.

“The consequences of violence continue to reverberate outward and create further damage. Today I think again of the families and friends of Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones, as well as the Learning Together community, who continue to suffer from the events of that terrible day.

In November, Coroner Mark Lucraft released a report on preventing future deaths that highlighted a range of concerns about the tragedy.

In response to this report, the Learning Together Network confirmed that it has now been dissolved as a company.

The response continued: “Drs Armstrong and Ludlow take the lessons of the PFD survey and report very seriously and are fully committed to ensuring that these lessons inform their work in the future. “

Khan, who was originally jailed for 16 years in 2012, was released on license in December 2018.

While in prison, he participated in the Learn Together program and was invited, unaccompanied, to an event at Fishmongers’ Hall to mark his fifth birthday.

But wearing a fake suicide vest and knives taped to his hands, Khan launched a deadly attack on the participants, killing coordinator Jack Merritt, 25, and volunteer Saskia Jones, 23.

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