PTM activists in Belgium hold a protest against Pakistani soldiers shooting at their leaders

February 14, 2022 01:05 STI

Brussels [Belgium]February 14 (NNA): Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) activists staged a protest in Belgium on Sunday at the Schuman circle in front of the European Commission against the attack on central PTM leaders like Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen and PTM coordinator South Pashkhwa Noor Bacha who supported wounded by gunshots by Pakistani soldiers.
The protesters demanded the release of Gharzang, Ali Wazir Hanif Pashteen and Wais Abdal Idris Khattak from Pakistani prisons. They also asked the European Union to take note of the illegal intervention of the Pakistani state of Punjab in Afghanistan. Forty people took part in this demonstration.
They called for a wider participation of all Pashtuns living in Belgium and invited them to the demonstration. PTM leaders like Malik Bazai and Zahidullah Rekhtin spoke on this occasion and said that the PTM is the voice of the oppressed Pashtuns against the anti-human face of the Pakistani state.
The PTM also held a similar protest outside the Pakistani Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany on February 11, 2022, where they condemned Pakistan for its activities against Pashtuns.
The series of protests against Pakistan by Afghans on Sunday reached Brussels in Europe.
As the whole world knows, terrorists trained by Pakistan have carried out very brutal and horrific terrorist attacks in Kabul and other provinces of Afghanistan in recent weeks, which culminated in these attacks. Innocent children, women, old people and young men were martyred and injured, PTM leaders said at the protest.
“Ladies and gentlemen! The leadership, military and intelligence of Pakistan means ISI (the spy agency of Pakistan). What is the reason for the last four decades of military intervention and terrorist attacks in Afghanistan? ask the demonstrators.

They said that Pakistan uses extremist Islam and terrorism to achieve its political goals.

“The leaders of global terrorism have been given safe havens next to their military bases. If terrorist attacks have occurred in every corner of the world, then these terrorists have ties to Pakistan, which is a clear example of terrorist attacks in London, Madrid, Belgium, France, America and other countries and the recent brutality in Kabul,” one protester said.
Pakistan not only supports terrorists, but also sold (atomic) weapons of mass destruction technology; for example, selling nuclear weapons to Iran, North Korea, Libya and other countries, another protester said.
“Although there has been a lot of verbal pressure on Pakistan from the leadership of the United States of America lately, in our view, this pressure is not enough and cannot force Pakistan to stop supporting terrorists,” one protester added.

Pakistan should not be allowed to undermine the historical rights of independent tribes.
The demonstrators chanted slogans such as “Free Idris, free Fahim; Pakistan kills, the world watches; Pakistani army commits atrocities against the Pashtun movement and in Balochistan”.
Pashtuns, an ethnic minority, blame Pakistan for marginalizing them for years. They say they have not been granted their rights. And their demand for the same was brutally suppressed. (ANI)

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