Qatar-based travel company Mosafer, Inc. takes legal action against Elliott Broidy and George Nader in the United States Federal Court for illegally orchestrating and carrying out covert assaults on Qatari and Qatari companies; Suit claims they violated Fara and other reporting obligations US – French US – French


LOS ANGELES, August 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – A lawsuit was filed last night by Mosafer, Inc., in United States District Court of Los Angeles vs Elliott Broidy and Georges nader to “illegally orchestrate and execute a sophisticated and secret assault on Qatar and Qatari companies on behalf of United Arab Emirates (“UNITED ARAB EMIRATES”).”

According to the lawsuit, this assault, which included a massive disinformation campaign targeting Qatar and Qatari-American companies, was “in violation of numerous reporting and labeling obligations under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (” FARA “), 22 USC § 611 et seq., and other federal and state laws. “

Mosafer, Inc. is a destination management company for foreign tourists from Asia, the European Union, the United States and the Middle East and North Africa region (“MENA”). Prior to 2015, Mosafer was a recognized global brand synonymous with luxury. The Mosafer brand was present in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey, and South Africa. He has long been one of the from Qatar leading tourism companies, has been recognized as the market leader in innovation

Broidy was the former finance chairman of the Republican National Committee (“RNC”), vice chairman of Trump’s Victory Committee, and top fundraiser for Donald trump. Nader was the former advisor to that of Donald Trump presidential transition team. Broidy pleaded guilty in 2020 to conspiring to violate foreign lobbying laws as part of a covert campaign to influence the Trump administration on behalf of Chinese and Malaysian interests. He was later pardoned by President Trump. Nader is currently serving a 10-year sentence in federal prison and life supervised release for transporting a child into the country for sexual purposes and possession of child pornography.

The lawsuit states: “As prosecutors confirmed, Broidy’s unregistered foreign lobbying efforts extended far beyond those he pleaded guilty to. In March and april 2018, hundreds of pages of documents, which included emails, business proposals and contracts between Broidy and Nader, were provided to various sources of information, such as the New York Times and the Associated Press (“AP”). After information and belief, these documents show that Broidy and Nader acted as unregistered agents of the UAE in violation of FARA. “

“In exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars, the lawsuit says: ‘Broidy and Nader ceded their enormous political influence to lobby United States government officials to take anti-Qatari positions. Broidy and Nader’s efforts weren’t limited to mere lobbying, however… Broidy and Nader’s efforts went far beyond lobbying the White House on behalf of the United Arab Emirates… Instead, they carried out a widespread disinformation campaign (the “disinformation conspiracy”) that targeted Qatar and Qatari-American companies – with the aim of inflicting catastrophic financial losses – using tactics remarkably similar to those employed by the Russians in meddling the 2016 presidential election. “

“… They hired American companies (including Broidy’s BCM and Circinus) and American actors to use conventional print media and social media to spread disinformation aimed at crippling Qatar companies, including from Qatar then flourishing tourism businesses and, mainly, Mosafer. In essence, the defendants waged an information war, intentionally deceiving the media and consumers by using internet trolls, fake websites and influencers to manipulate the American public into mistakenly believing that companies Qatari were sponsors of terrorist groups, making it impossible for Qatari businesses, including Mosafer, to maintain a client base.

“Through the disinformation plot, Broidy and Nader conspired to represent to the public that: (1) Qatar and Qatari businesses were unstable and untrustworthy; (2) the political state of Qatar was extremely unstable, making the journey to and through Qatar unsafe; and (3) boycott Qatar companies were needed to counter their terrorist financing activities.

“… As part of the disinformation plot, the September 21, 2017, based on information and beliefs, Broidy orchestrated – through proxies – a full-page advertisement published in the Washington Post. This ad, which used the same burgundy color found in both from Qatar flag and Mosafer brand, shown in large bold letters “QATAR IS A SAFE MAGAZINE FOR TERRORISTS. Qatar has become a privileged refuge for terrorists around the world. More than 60 terrorist organizations, individuals or NGOs. . . are currently based or supported by the government of Qatar“This advertisement was intentionally false and misleading – Qatar did not support terrorists or provide them with refuge.”

“… As a direct result of the disinformation plot, the Mosafer entities, which were synonymous with Qatar, and included an integrated network of retail, e-commerce, distribution and travel businesses, losing existing and potential customers, many in California. Revenues have dropped precipitously, by hundreds of millions of dollars globally, at least twenty percent of which is attributed to Mosafer’s U.S. entities. ”

The lawsuit continues: “To execute their disinformation plot with these predicted catastrophic effects, Broidy and Nader enlisted Broidy’s two companies, Broidy Capital Management, LLC (” BCM “) and Circinus, LLC (” Circinus “), as well a network of entrepreneurs and mercenaries: The Iron Group Inc., doing business as, (“Ironistic”), SCL Social Limited (“SCL”), Project Associates UK Ltd (“Project Associates “), Matthew Atkinson (“Atkinson”), and numerous other contractors, including public affairs, advocacy and strategic advisory groups (including, for example, Bullpen Strategy Group, Inc. doing business as, and formerly known as Definers Corp. (“Definers”)), as well as John Does 1-100 (collectively, the “Defendants”).

“Hidden behind aliases, companies, contractors, mercenaries and agents – and in violation of numerous reporting and labeling obligations under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (” FARA “), 22 USC § 611 et seq., and other federal and state laws — Broidy and Nader orchestrated and implemented a large and sophisticated campaign against Qatar and companies based in Qatar.

“The objective of the disinformation plot was simple: to prevent government and private actors from doing business with Qatar and Qatar-related businesses with the aim of crippling the Qatari economy and usurping its business and political opportunities for the UAE and UAE-related businesses. To achieve this, their campaign used conventional print media, websites and social media accounts to post false and misleading information regarding the security, stability and nature of Qatar and companies based in Qatar. Using these mediums, the defendants, along with their co-conspirators, created an ecosystem that channeled American consumers into a vortex designed to drive them a way of Qatar and any business affiliated with it. The aim was to strangle and starve these consumer businesses, so that in the end, they collapse.

“To achieve this goal, the defendants ensured that at every stage of the process of consuming information about Mosafer entities and similar businesses, the person seeking the information was directed directly to the door. works a series of steps to achieve this effect.

“First, the defendants directly, aggressively and illegally pressured members of the United States government to sever all ties with anything Qatar and effectively boycott its economy.

“Second, the defendants paid influencers to create conferences to further entrench the lies among influential US consumers. California residents and other consumers were once again misinformed.

And third, the defendants relied on a vast Internet network that used malicious ‘hashtags’ concocted to ensure that when a consumer in California, for example, decided to search the internet for information on applicants and similar businesses, simply including the word “Qatar“In a research ingot would accelerate this researcher into the universe of fake news websites, Twitter accounts, YouTube accounts and other information implanted on social media, all of which were creatures of manipulation.

“Through these coordinated means, the defendants’ disinformation plot has achieved an extraordinary degree of success, creating, at the behest of the UAE, a toxic ecosystem of pervasive, inflammatory, false and misleading information about Qatar and Qatar-based businesses and ensuring that this information is widely disseminated through conventional print and broadcast media, websites and social media.

“As a direct and intentional result of this illegal campaign, designed and executed by Defendants Broidy and Nader on behalf of their UAE client, innocent businesses linked to Qatar, including the Mosafer Plaintiffs entities, suffered catastrophic loss. . Through this lawsuit, the Mosafer entities seek to hold defendants accountable for their anti-competitive, deceptive, unfair and illegal conduct and to permanently prohibit them from continuing to perpetrate such conduct. ”

Capital Management LLC, Circinus LLC, The Iron Group, Inc.,, SCL Social Limited, Project Associates UK Ltd., Matthew Atkinson and John is doing 1-100.

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