Representative of the Supreme Leader of the Iranian regime. calls for the destruction of Israel


Lotfollah Dezhkam, the representative of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Khamenei in Fars province, called for the elimination of the Jewish state in a Friday sermon in the city of Shiraz.

The Islamic religious brand has declared that “the global arrogance led by America with the complicity of Israel seeks to delay the realization of an important problem which is the destruction of the Zionist regime”.

Kian Meli, a media outlet opposed to the Islamic Republic of Iran, quoted his comments. Three regime-controlled media outlets: the Islamic Republic News Agency, Fars News and Tasnim, reported on his speech.

Sheina Vojoudi, an Iranian dissident who fled to Germany to escape persecution, said: “The more the mullahs spread hate speech against the Jewish State of Israel, the more the Iranian people realize that Israel is our friend. because the regime in Iran is the only enemy. That we have. His hate speech against Israel is not surprising as Ali Khamenei, as head of the Islamic Republic, calls for the annihilation of Israel and Dezhkam is his representative.

She added: “We are tired of their anti-Semitism. We have a long history with the Jewish people and we want to be able to relive those 2,700 years of friendship. The anti-Semitism of the Islamic Republic is deadly and endangers both Iranians and Israelis. The regime accuses Iranian dissidents of being Israeli spies and calls on protesters against the regime’s corruption of Israeli agents and considers them contrary to national security. We want to normalize relations with Israel like other normal countries. “

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers a televised speech in Tehran, Iran on March 11, 2021. (Credit: KHAMENEI OFFICIAL WEBSITE / DOCUMENT VIA REUTERS)

Vojoudi asked “why should our wealth be spent to finance terrorism against Israel and our people suffer from poverty?” Democratic countries around the world, especially the EU and the United States, should be aware of the Islamic Republic’s dangerous anti-Semitism. The regime targets Israelis and Iranian dissidents wherever they can. This is the ideology of the Islamic Republic and Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, said in one of his speeches: “Muslims must fight until the annihilation of Israel”. This is what the Islamic Republic of Iran is and it must be stopped. “

The United States government under Democratic and Republican administrations has classified the Iranian regime as the main sponsor state of international terrorism. Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt testified before the House Intelligence and Counterterrorism Subcommittee in 2020 and said at the hearing that the Iranian regime is the main sponsor state negationism and anti-Semitism.

The Middle East Media Research Institute reported last year that Ayatollah Dezhkam said in a June sermon broadcast on Fars TV (Iran): “America cannot be the primary decision maker when it comes to strategic issues in the world … America being shattered, and its collapse, is being heard around the world. The cry of the Iranian nation [is] heard from the mouths of the Americans themselves: Death to America! The audience responded by chanting, “Death to America!”

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