RoadSync announces new payment platform for brokers and carriers, RoadSync Advance

Innovative Digital Financial Platform Expands Product Range with Solutions Tailored to Broker and Carrier Markets

ATLANTE, March 17, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RoadSync, the leading digital finance platform for the supply chain, today announces the rollout of its new broker and carrier payment management platform, RoadSync Advance. RoadSync Advance makes it easier and faster for brokers and carriers to pay incidental, lump sum and other freight charges, reducing driver delays and improving back-office information for reconciliation, fraud prevention and improved cash flow. The innovative solution solves the pervasive problem in the industry of slow and complicated fee payment.

RoadSync Advance is designed to help brokers and carriers streamline their operations and generate more revenue. By eliminating the current manual and cumbersome processes that back-office staff face to issue and reconcile payments to fees that drivers make on the road, the solution provides monitoring, risk reduction and better management of cash flows. Treasury. Plus, quick and easy payment authorizations maximize hours of service, reduce late-night phone calls, and get drivers back on the road sooner, which in turn makes drivers and staff happier.

RoadSync Advance saves drivers up to 15-30 minutes or more per transaction because it can be used with drivers’ existing and preferred payment methods, and it simplifies the process by providing more information on how whose funds are used. With the company’s recent launch of RoadSync Driver, an expense management app for truck drivers, RoadSync Advance fills the gap to seamlessly connect and accelerate transactions across the entire transportation ecosystem.

“The industry’s historical reliance on manual payment processes poses a significant challenge to supply chain modernization and efficiency,” said Robin Gregg, CEO of RoadSync. “RoadSync is on a mission to disrupt old industry models by automating payment processes and increasing accessibility to best-in-class technology. We are excited to officially launch our Advance product, a platform we we know it will have a lasting and positive impact on how these businesses and individual drivers operate.”

RoadSync’s innovative payment products provide more ways for drivers, brokers, carriers, warehouses and merchants to pay and get paid by automating the payment process across all facets of the supply chain. For carriers and brokers in particular, RoadSync Advance solves ancillary payment management and reconciliation challenges.

The RoadSync team will be exhibiting the new solution throughout March, first at the Truckload Carriers Association’s Truckload 2022 (booth #204), followed by the Mid-America Trucking Show (booth #74128). For more information or to schedule a demo, visit

About RoadSync

RoadSync is the digital finance platform for the logistics industry. By removing paper and phone calls from business transactions, RoadSync provides a fast, convenient and secure way to move and manage money and conduct business, dramatically reducing payment processing time and maximizing revenue collection. RoadSync offers payment products for warehouses, carriers, brokers, repair/tow dealers and drivers, integrating and automating the financial systems that power the logistics industry. For more information, visit

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