Saudi Arabia begins inventory of agricultural investments abroad


The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture announced the launch of the Overseas Agricultural Investment Inventory Program, which targets the segment of Saudi citizens investing outside the Kingdom, as well as producers who supply the Kingdom.

The ministry explained that the program is an extension of the farm inventory programs and agricultural projects in the Kingdom through the Agricultural Register Development Project and its willingness to list and register agricultural investments abroad.

In addition, he stressed that the program emphasizes the development of economic relations with regard to the import and export of agricultural products and agricultural investments abroad, the guarantee of food security and the promotion of sustainable local agricultural production and agricultural investments abroad.

The agricultural investment inventory program will help diversify and stabilize external sources of food supply, support the Kingdom’s food security initiatives and increase opportunities for agricultural and animal investments abroad.

Even more, the program enables the issuance of agricultural dossiers for overseas investment projects, an issue that will benefit Saudi investors.

The program is linked to other programs launched by the Kingdom.

It supports the program for the purchase of wheat and other products, the financing programs of the Agricultural Development Fund for agricultural investments abroad and the facilities granted by the Ministry to importers of agricultural and animal products.

Even more, it offers coordination through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Saudi embassies. This will help serve Saudi agricultural investors abroad and strengthen bilateral relations and framework agreements with target countries.

The ministry confirmed that a geospatial portal will be launched for the program.

This portal will allow investors in the field of agricultural and animal activities to register and benefit from the program.

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