Support for TİKA breeding for women victims of terrorism in Niger – Niger


The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TÄ°KA) has provided support to women who have lost their spouses in the terrorist attacks in Tchintabaraden, Tahoua, Niger.

TÄ°KA carried out a project following the appeal for help from the municipality of Tchintabaraden to rehabilitate and reintegrate groups of victims into society and provided 450 dairy goats to 150 widowed women from 5 villages, victims of terrorism. As part of the support, a total of 7,250 kg of animal feed and antiparasitic drugs were distributed (50 kg for each family).

The women gathered at the childbirth ceremony and expressed their gratitude to the State of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish people through TÄ°KA.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Deputy Mayor of Tchindabaraden, Abdousalam Birkili, thanked TÄ°KA for supporting, helping and treating the wounds of widows victims of terrorism.

During the ceremony, referring to the important projects carried out so far in Niger, the coordinating assistant of TÄ°KA Niamey Amadou Amadou hoped that this initiative, which was launched by TÄ°KA with 450 goats, will turn into a network of production where thousands of small cattle are raised, and hundreds of women are employed.

Amadou also said that by holding the title of “most generous country” in the world in the field of emergency and humanitarian aid, Turkey will continue to help the needy, victims of violence, refugees, survivors. disaster, the disabled and all other disadvantaged groups. all over the world, whatever their nationality, religion or faith.

The project aims to contribute to the regional economy by producing high quality meat and dairy products for widows victims of terrorism, grouped together in the association OURZP and the cooperative ACHET AKAL.

TÄ°KA, which has existed in the country since 2013, has undertaken many important projects such as the Turkish Friendship Hospital in Niger, the Niger-Turkish Friendship Park, the Niger-Turkish Friendship School, chicken and fish production farms, agricultural irrigation systems, medical operations and vocational training.

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