Terror of victim after burglar tried to break into her home while she slept

A WOULD-BE burglar tried to break into a Swindon house while its owners were sleeping upstairs, leaving one of his victims scared to be home alone.

Debs Brown, 57, and her husband were sound asleep in their Raybrook Crescent home when they were woken in the middle of the night by a loud noise.

Upon investigation, they discovered an intruder trying to force their way through their patio door with a garden slab.

Police responded quickly after being called and said there had been further break-in attempts in the Rodbourne area.

Debs said: “My husband and I were in bed sound asleep as we both decided to go to bed early.

“My husband woke up and heard a bang so he came downstairs to find out what it was, just as he came downstairs and heard another bang. That’s when he saw a face looking window.”

Debs explained that she saw what was happening on her Ring doorbell – a man about 5ft 8in, wearing a hoodie, tracksuit bottoms with reflective tape and a cap, had smashed the patio door with a concrete slab from his own garden.

“My husband came to the door and opened it which startled the guy so he started running away,” she said. “If we weren’t, he would have come into the house.

“Our neighbor woke up because he heard it and then he saw the man running off with someone on a push bike.”

Debs said police were “outstanding” in their response to the attempted break-in and were there within 10 minutes.

But the incident had a lasting effect on her.

“I have fibromyalgia and the stress from it has made it worse,” Debs said.

“I also don’t feel safe in my house. Until that back door gets fixed, it won’t be safe. When my husband is at work, if I’m inside, I keep my doors locked. and I never did that.

“We are now considering getting CCTV.”

Debs had to claim the patio door from her insurance, which cost her £200. She is now waiting for the replacement.

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “The suspect is described as a thin, black-clad man in his 20s who left on a bicycle.

“Anyone with information please call us on 101 quoting log 54220060399.”

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