Terrorists have taken control of several communities in two Kaduna LGs – Community Leader

A community leader from Birni Gwari local government in Kaduna state, Zubair Abdulrra’uf, has lamented that the Ansaru terrorist group has taken over many communities in two local government areas of the state.

Speaking on Channels Tv show Sunrise Daily on Monday morning, Abdulrra’uf said most of the communities in Birni Gwari and Giwa local government areas are fully under the control of the patrolling terror group in military fatigue.

Abdulrra’uf, who said the communities lacked the presence of a government security apparatus, said residents had accepted Ansaru as their saviour.

He said: “Many parts of Birni Gwari and parts of Giwa local government including six Giwa local government wards including Kidandan, Galadimawa, Kadage, Yakawada and to some extent Pan Hauya. These are the places where you will find this Ansaru.

“Also, you will find the bandits on the other side who are in the forest, the UAC forest.”

He said that the terrorist group provides security for people against bandits who constantly attack them.

“The presence of this Ansaru, as I tell you, is very, very important. Anyone following this route will feel safe, but the locals are indoctrinated with this kind of ideology from this group.

“So that’s what’s happening all over the eastern part of Birnin Gwari down to the local government area of ​​Giwa and the people there feel safer to be with Ansaru than the bandits.

“It’s a very dangerous situation, but they [people] have no choice because these bandits always invade the communities, but with the arrival of Ansaru, people have received protection.

“They recruit the locals into their own ideology and learn certain doctrines which are far from normal Islamic doctrines.

“So in the long run these people will come out with their true motives and these people who are coaxed into joining the Ansaru group will now take charge and even go against their own communities. This will be the long term implication.

The community leader expressed his dismay at the government’s lack of political will to deal with the insecurity, pointing out that the residents had no choice but to accept the terrorists as they lack the capacity to defend themselves.

He called on security officers to act now before it is too late, adding that the terror group was recruiting heavily from communities.

He said that to address the security situation in the region, there must be political will on the part of the government to create synergy between security personnel and communities.

He also said the government should move quickly to deradicalize the community.

“We need to adopt a new strategy to involve the inhabitants, to fight against the complicity between the inhabitants, in particular the question of informants,” he said.

Kaduna State Internal Security and Home Affairs Commissioner Samuel Aruwan said during a security briefing last week that the state government had confirmed the presence of members of the group. terrorist Ansaru in parts of Giwa LGA.

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