Texts show the private alarm of key Trump supporters on January 6

“If he didn’t incite anything, then Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have used impeachment in yet another bogus political witch-hunt.

GOP members of Congress, including Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy, have since made equally false claims that Pelosi has delayed military aid to help Capitol Hill police officers attempt to suppress the attack.

Laura ingraham

Mark, the president must tell the people on Capitol Hill to come home, the Fox News Channel host wrote, according to snippets Cheney read. “It hurts us all. He destroys his heritage.

But on his show on the evening of January 6, Ingraham cited false claims that the rioters included leftist provocateurs, saying: They probably weren’t all Trump supporters, and there are reports that only supporters Antifa’s might have been scattered around the crowd.

She added: If you’re a Trump supporter hoping to show your support for the president, well, today’s antics on Capitol Hill have done the exact opposite.

Ingraham also made a false claim that there were legitimate concerns that voter fraud could taint the 2020 election won by Democrat Joe Biden, but she noted that this should never have allowed violence in the slightest. or any other chaos.

Ingraham has since repeatedly downplayed the Jan.6 attack. In April, she said America’s most dangerous insurgents were not those who participated in the Mafia.

Instead, she said, the real threat to our future is Biden and the powerful, well-heeled forces that want us to lose sight of what made America great in the first place.

In a telephone interview with Trump in March, Ingraham asked him: Are you worried that the United States Capitol, after January 6, has become a fortress, protecting the Capitol from the people who are supposed to be responsible here, not the people who sit on the Capitol? She then did not object when Trump said the mob posed no threat and suggested authorities were persecuting many of these people for being part of it.

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