The extension of the jurisdiction of BSF is necessary to fight against cross-border terrorism and drug trafficking: BJP Panda vice-president


New Delhi [India], Oct. 14 (ANI): BJP National Vice President Baijayant Jay Panda on Thursday criticized Congress party leaders for opposing the Centre’s decision to expand the area of ​​jurisdiction of the United Nations Security Force. borders (BSF) in three states, and said they need to consider whether they are interested in the security of the country or only in the best interests of their party.

Speaking to ANI, Panda said the Center has extended the area under BSF jurisdiction to West Bengal, Punjab and Assam to combat terrorist activity and drug trafficking across the country’s borders. .

“The nation faces serious challenges from across the border. We are aware of the terrorist activities taking place in the country, which are sponsored by terrorists based across the border as well as other similar elements. We are also aware of a very serious drug problem, there is an increase in drug smuggling incidents across the border, “he said.

The BJP chief said the money earned from drug trafficking was used to fund terrorists and underworld mafias and could not be taken lightly.

Panda said the Union government has the right to take the necessary action to deal with any threat to the nation.

“It is very important that we tackle the terrorist threat of drug smuggling, arms smuggling, which are all interconnected, and it is entirely within the right of the Union government to take these steps through paramilitary forces such as BSF. By expanding the area in which they can intervene and make arrests, this is how we can stop this scourge, “he added.

Criticizing Congress’ position, the BJP leader said: “If members of the Congress party are making these comments and wondering why the BSF should step in and arrest terrorists and drug traffickers, then they should really look at their own position. , if they are interested in the country’s situation. security and interests or if they are only interested in the interests of their party. The comment came after Punjab’s chief minister Charanjit Singh Channi condemned the Center’s decision and said it was a “direct attack on federalism.”

Former Punjabian Congress President Sunil Jakhar also said on Wednesday that the move “castigated” Punjabi police.

The Union Home Office on Wednesday extended the states in the region of West Bengal, Punjab and Assam, under the jurisdiction of the Border Security Force (BSF), giving paramilitary personnel powers arrest, search and seizure, on par with state police.

Center said the move was aimed at maintaining “zero tolerance” against terrorism and cross-border crime, and authorized the BSF to search, arrest suspects and make seizures up to an area 50 km away. inside Indian territory from the international border (IB) along the India-Pakistan and India-Bangladesh borders.

Under the new ordinance, the BSF, which was only authorized to operate up to fifteen kilometers in the states of Punjab, West Bengal and Assam, has now been authorized to extend its jurisdiction up to 50 km. without any obstacle or additional authorization. either from the central government or from the state government. (ANI)

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