The NIA has broken the back of terrorist financing!

The NIA has broken the back of terrorist financing!

New Delhi: Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah said on Thursday that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has been instrumental in rooting out terrorism from Jammu and Kashmir.

“I can confidently say that the NIA has contributed greatly in eradicating terrorism from Jammu and Kashmir. Due to the vigilance of the NIA, the terrorists’ financial routes have been closed. The NIA has registered several lawsuits against surface workers in Jammu and Kashmir and has been quite successful in destroying their sleeper cells. Cases first recorded by the NIA in 2018 and 2019 left no easy avenues today for providing money to terrorists. This was a huge blow to both their logistics and their weapons supply,” Shah said during the NIA’s 13th day celebrations.

He said there can be no greater violation of human rights than terrorism. “That is why the complete eradication of terrorism is very important to protect human rights. Terrorism is a curse for any civilized society. India has suffered the most from this curse,” he said.

Shah said the NIA revealed the identities of those who aid terrorism while living with dignity in society. “The NIA has also started investigating cases of left-wing extremism that have provided ammunition and logistics and some cases have been handed over to the NIA to investigate terrorist financing as well as the origin of the financing of left-wing extremist organizations,” he said.

He said that 105 cases related to the financing of terrorism have been registered, 94 indictments have been filed against 876 defendants, 796 defendants have been arrested, of which 100 defendants have also been convicted, which is a major achievement,” he said. he declared.

Shah said the government has worked to share all terrorism-related information with police and agencies in all states and to strengthen anti-terrorism laws.

“The goal should be to obtain a 100% conviction in terrorism cases. Counterterrorism operations can progress on these four pillars and I am pleased that the NIA has made very good progress on these pillars. If we analyze the cases of terrorism in the country from 2000 to 2022, many incidents come to mind, but some incidents are such that they trigger reforms in the system. The Mumbai terror attack was one such incident, after which the National Counter Terrorism Agency was established,” he said.

He said that all agencies have become aware of the need to suppress terrorist financing: “There has also been a qualitative improvement in the investigations of terrorism and there are also time-limited programs on the proper use of systems. information and information at the right time. The police and all agencies, learning from this barbaric attack, have today stepped up their counter-terrorism operation,” he said.

The Union Home Secretary said that since the NIA was established 13 years ago, more than 400 cases have been recorded. “The Challans have been classified in more than 349 cases, 2,494 criminals have been apprehended, 391 people have been successfully sentenced. The conviction rate is 93.25%,” he said.

He said they have worked to strengthen the NIA law and the UAPA law. “The authority to investigate such cases has been given to the NIA. We have also empowered the NIA to stop infiltration, explosive substances and cyber crimes. Previously, the NIA had the authority to declare organizations as terrorist organizations. For the first time, we have empowered the NIA to declare organizations, as well as individuals, as terrorists. So far, 36 people have been declared terrorists,” he said.

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