The PSC denounces a terrorist attack injuring the team of sepak takraw

PSC President Butch Ramirez has condemned the perpetrators of a bus bombing that injured an entire sepak takraw crew. CFP (file photo)

By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA—An entire sepak takraw team’s chance to represent the Philippines was derailed before they even began their quest as they were among those injured following a bus explosion on Sunday in Parang, Maguindanao.

The chairman of the Philippine Sports Commission, Butch Ramirez, confirmed on Monday that the five team members, four players and their coach were passengers on a Rural Tours bus whose rear exploded around 8:45 a.m. the day before.

The team was supposed to travel to Pagadian from Cotabato City to compete in the ASEAN School Games qualifying event.

The explosion was reportedly caused by an improvised explosive device, suggesting it was a terrorist attack.

“The Philippine Sports Commission strongly condemns the act of terrorism that ended up injuring and injuring four sepak takraw athletes and a coach on their bus ride to Pagadian City from Cotabato City to participate in the National Qualifiers for the School Games of the Philippines. ‘ASEAN,” Ramirez said in a statement.

The blast was too powerful to injure the entire sepak takraw team, who were having breakfast at a stopover restaurant with the rest of the passengers as well as the driver and driver.

The restaurant is barely a kilometer from the headquarters of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of the Muslim Mindanao Region of the Philippine National Police, so local police quickly responded to the site of the bombing.

No one takes responsibility for the explosion.

“There is no justification for deliberately causing pain to anyone, especially those that could possibly be fatal like this bombing. This cowardly act aimed at terrorizing the public included athletes among its victims whose the nascent sporting future is unfairly clouded by this horrible,” Ramirez said further. “Terrorism has no place in sport.”

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