The Spectator under fire for ‘despicable’ migrant cartoons after Dover terror attack

THE Spectator has been accused of using ‘vile’ images to promote an article about immigration to Britain.

The column, by Sam Ashworth-Hayes argued that “politicians have not been honest about immigration to Britain”.

It is accompanied by an illustration that shows a giant wave of non-white migrants climbing over each other to reach what looks like the White Cliffs of Dover.

People are seen reaching out with their hands to the earth as two tiny onlookers look on.

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The image in the article sparked strong reactions with comparisons made to Nigel Farage’s infamous anti-migrant poster which showed a queue of thousands of mostly non-white migrants and refugees, along with the words ‘breaking point: the EU has let us all down’.

Others have gone further in their comparisons, with SNP MP John Nicolson tweeted: “Even by viewer standards these are revolting images.

“The images and messages would have sounded very familiar to a Nazi propagandist in 1930s Germany.”

In response to the tweet, Spectator editor Fraser Nelson said: “John, I always find the links work better because you can see the original context and read the articles. This was a cover image of 2014: the Spectator has since pleaded for an amnesty for undocumented migrants, can we now count on your support?

“And John, this is one of the most recent stories from the frontman of The Spectator calling for amnesty for undocumented migrants – although we have been advocating for this cause for 20 years. But what is needed is that the MPs are advocating this cause in parliament. I hope you can do that one day.”

Miqdaad Versi, media spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain, suggested the timing of the image was particularly insensitive.

He said: “This week: A person who previously said he was planning to ‘annihilate Muslim children’ bombed a migrant center in Dover.

“Today: The Spectator posts an image of a *tidal wave* of what appear to be Muslim migrants on the white cliffs of Dover. Disgusting.”

Saturday, the the firebombing of an immigration processing center in Dover has been declared a terrorist incident.

Police said they found evidence the attack was motivated by far-right ideology.

Andrew Leak, 66, from High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, is believed to have killed himself at a nearby petrol station after throwing two or three ‘raw’ incendiary devices at the Western Jet Foil site in Kent last Sunday.

The article, written by the former director of studies at the Henry Jackson Centre, claimed that despite the public having repeatedly voted to cut immigration, the number of people in the UK has only increase.

Ashworth-Hayes said while immigration has brought benefits to the UK, it has not been without costs.

He added that politicians, including conservativesconcluded that these benefits outweigh the costs.

However, much of the criticism centered on the photo, with Good Law Project director Jo Maugham tweeting: “Remember the outrage caused by Farage’s fascist ‘Breaking Point’ poster in 2016?

“This image of the Spectator is far worse. But we are no longer outraged. The Spectator will sit in polite parlors and be amplified by the BBC. Brexit made us the nation of Farage.

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RS Archer added: “The imagery is important, this from The Spectator is appalling and will simmer hatred.”

And Glasgow Work MSP Paul Sweeney said: “Disgusting to see the @spectator indulge in such xenophobic imagery.

“It’s not just bigoted, it’s an ignorant caricature.

“The UK has experienced broadly similar levels of migration to other high-income countries, on average over the past few decades.”

The viewer was approached for comment.

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