The Yemeni Coalition of Independent Women demands the designation of the Houthis as a terrorist organization

GENEVA – The Yemeni Coalition of Independent Women, in partnership with 90 local, regional and international civil society organizations, issued a human rights statement on Saturday demanding the designation of the Houthi group as a terrorist organization.

The Coalition called on the United Nations General Assembly, with its 193 members, to designate the Houthi putschist militia as a terrorist group, given that the approach of the militias affiliated with this group poses a real threat to peace and security in the Yemen as well as as well as the construction of the modern Yemeni state.

“We follow with great concern the crimes of the Houthi group, which it deliberately commits on a daily basis by bombarding civilian objects in populated Yemeni cities and in Saudi Arabia as well as the United Arab Emirates with ballistic missiles and drones. This results in the killing and injury of civilians and these are war crimes,” the statement read.

They urged the international community to put an end to these crimes with decisions guaranteeing that they would not happen again in the future.

“Dealing with the Houthi group has contributed to the worsening of the humanitarian situation, starting with the increased displacement of thousands of families left homeless by the devastating wars waged by the Houthi group, in Ma’rib , Shabwa, Al Dhale’, Al Jawf, Al Hodeidah, Taiz and other regions.

“In addition to this, mine victims reached, in one month last January, 73 dead civilians and a number of injured in various Yemeni towns and in the countryside.”

The Houthis have recruited more than 35,000 children since 2014 and have used schools, mosques and summer camps to brainwash at least 60,000 children, train them and send them to the front lines for its wars on behalf of the Iranian regime.

This group has turned airports and ports into military barracks for operations aimed at the safety and security of international shipping, targeting international shipping lines, attacking piracy of commercial humanitarian ships, blowing up boats and trying to control lanes. navigable.

“The rapid reaction of the international community to classify the Houthi militia as a terrorist group, place it on the international terrorist lists and prosecute its leaders before the International Criminal Court, will contribute to the success of the policy of pressure on the Houthi terrorist group. to stop his crimes and sources of support. —SG

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