Traffic police gunfire, religious slogans launched, ‘lone wolf’ terrorist attack in Kashmir

Srinagar: On Wednesday December 1, a traffic police was attacked in Rajouri, in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, which was taken over by the formidable terrorist group ISIS. A video of the jihadist outfit taking responsibility clearly shows how the attack was carried out. The terrorists also made a video of the incident themselves. The video was shared by a newsroom article on Twitter.

The 15-second video released by ISIS shows a traffic policeman managing traffic amid a crowd of vehicles on the road when a terrorist shoots the jawan who is targeting him. The policeman falls on the road as soon as the bullet fired by the terrorist is fired. The terrorist then shoots again and brandishes religious slogans. This is a very serious case of a lone wolf attack in Kashmir. This type of attack is called a lone wolf attack. Such an incident is perpetrated by the terrorist alone. Such attacks are more frequent than in Western countries. Such terrorist attacks in India are negligible. However, security agencies were put on alert following the lone wolf attack after ISIS took responsibility for the incident.

The incident was carried out by ISIS militants in the Kadal neighborhood of Rajouri in Jammu and Kashmir. The state of the police officer injured in the incident remains critical. He is undergoing treatment at SMHS Hospital in Srinagar, Kashmir. A non-Kashmiri street vendor was also reportedly killed in October because of the pistol used in the attack.

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