Two white supremacists sentenced to nine years in prison for plotting a massive domestic terrorist attack; He wanted to start a race war


The FBI has tapes of white supremacists in Delaware plan a mass murder to start a race war.

FBI agents secretly listened to two white supremacists for months. The names of national terrorists are, Patrik Mathieu a former Canadian Army Reservist and resident of Maryland Brian Lemley for months as the two plotted to use a gun rights rally in Richmond, Va., as the starting point for their massive domestic terrorist attack. Lemley and Mathews, who are in the United States illegally, allegedly wanted to kill an unlimited number of people and destroy parts of the city they believed would start a race war, reports ABC 6.

Lemley and Mathews moved into an apartment in Newark, Delaware, in November 2019. In December 2019, the FBI was allowed to secretly record them using a surveillance camera and microphone placed in their room. House.

“We have to go back to the days of… decimating black people and getting rid of them where they are,” Mathews was heard say in one of the tapes. “If you see a group of black people sitting in a corner, you shoot them.”

“I have to claim my first victim,” Lemley said in another recording. Lemley described himself as a white nationalist. It’s just that we can’t live on our own if we don’t have someone’s blood on our hands. Officials learned that the two racists had received military-style training from a white supremacist extremist group called “The Base”. The pair also built a working assault rifle which they tested at a range in Maryland.

US officials arrested the men on January 16, 2020. They were sentenced to nine years in federal prison last month.

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