Ulema council deplores BNPT findings on new terrorist infiltration patterns

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta The Indonesian Ulema Council (UUI) on Monday criticized a public statement issued by the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) after the agency alleged that terrorists had infiltrated mass organizations and state institutions. Earlier, MUI deplored BNPT’s claim of 198 Islamic boarding schools affiliated with terrorist activities.

MUI Secretary General Amirsyah Tambunan said on February 18; “This time, another statement stirring the arguments, which is regrettable, came from Irfan Idris (Director of Deradicalization of the BNPT).

He pointed to Irfan’s statement which claims a new pattern of infiltration among terrorists who attempt to enter formal institutions and rally support and recruit new members using joint activities within the community. Indonesian Muslim.

“This anecdote needs to be studied to help reveal facts and data about the recruitment process, Quran recitation activities (pengajian). Facts need to be clear and backed up with data so as not to create public unrest,” Tambunan said.

However on another note, the UUI The secretary acknowledges that the counter-terrorism agency only informs the public of its findings, but regrets that the statements were made without taking preventive measures against acts of terrorism.

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