Wooster to repair nearly half of its concrete roads with excess funds


WOOSTER – Using surplus funds from the city’s general fund, Wooster City Council has approved a resolution that allocates $ 1.5 million to repair nearly half of its concrete roads.

The funds were not earmarked and were not provided for in the general budget, said Bill Bostancic, a member of the city council.

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This project would most likely take place in the spring of 2022, he said.

The resolution was well received by all board members present.

“I have received phone calls about the bumpy roads in my neighborhood,” said David Silvestri, a member of Ward Three’s city council. “I look forward to having smoother journeys to and from work for the people in my ward.”

Affected streets include Northwestern Avenue, Hamilton Avenue, Douglas Drive, Beechwood Avenue, Wildwood Drive, Logan Lane, Northridge Drive, Colton Court, Wedgewood Way, Brooke Way, Carriage Lane, Melanie Drive, Concord Drive, Ryan Court, Rumbaugh Circle, Bloomington Drive, Tanglewood Drive, Townsend Drive and Edwards Avenue.

Another action at the Wooster city council on September 20

  • Wooster will pay the remaining $ 78,335 the city owes from the $ 31 million in repairs to Highway Ten from its unearmarked general funds. The city had paid $ 385,444.40 for the project. The Ohio Department of Transportation will pay the remaining amount.
  • City Council approved $ 55,000 from the Sanitary Sewer Fund to replace the main sewer on Walnut Street between North Street and Larwill Street for five new townhouses nearby.
  • The city will collect special assessments to pay for repaving, grading, drainage and general improvements on West Highland Avenue, from Tatum Lane to Oak Hill Road. Part of the initial estimated cost of the project of $ 1,285,000 was paid in the form of grants.
  • ODOT will pay for 93% of the $ 903,391.82 bike path that will be built along Milltown Road from Friendsville Road to Melrose Drive. The remaining costs will be budgeted in the city’s 2024 fiscal year.
  • A 1,200 linear foot waterline will be replaced along East South Street between Bever Street and east of the tracks. Thirteen water services and four fire hydrants will also be replaced. The total cost is $ 305,000 from the water fund.
  • Wooster City Council has passed a resolution that allows the city to accept a grant it has requested from the Ohio Public Works Commission as part of the state’s improvement program. This grant would fund $ 500,000 of the estimated $ 1.4 million plan to replace a sanitary sewer lift station with a gravity sanitary sewer at Wal-Mart along Friendsville and Cleveland Roads.
  • Almost 14 acres of land east of Melrose Drive in the city’s industrial park has been rezoned from residential R-2 to I-1 Office and Limited Industrial to provide a buffer zone between neighboring residential and industrial areas.

FOLLOWING : October 4 at 7:30 p.m.

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