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KABUL (Pajhwok): Last week, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and other major countries around the world remained focused on Afghanistan where the number of casualties declined further.

Major events

  • Thawing of Afghanistan’s frozen reserves: OIC members, Russia and the US Congress
  • OIC appointed Special Representative for Afghanistan and established trust fund
  • Working with our allies to recognize the new Afghan government: Russia
  • Opening of an embassy in Kabul: Indonesia
  • UN approves US resolution on humanitarian aid to Afghanistan
  • India and Central Asian countries stressed by humanitarian support to Afghanistan
  • U.S. Should Liberate Afghan Reservation: Kabul Rally
  • Six people killed in last week’s attacks


Last week, six people were killed in the provinces of Kabul, Uruzgan, Nangarhar and Baghlan.

Three kidnappers were killed in an exchange of fire with security forces in Jalalabad, the capital of eastern Nangarhar province. A suicide bomber was shot before he could detonate his explosive jacket outside the passport office in the capital Kabul.

In the Dihraud district of Uruzgan, a former policeman was killed by unidentified gunmen while a man named Haji Dad Ali was killed in the TalaWaBarfak district of Baghlan province.

No group has claimed responsibility for these attacks.

According to reports, 12 people were killed and 13 others injured in criminal and other attacks nationwide the previous week.

During the conflict under the previous government, hundreds of people were killed and injured every week.

World focuses on Afghanistan

An extraordinary meeting of foreign ministers of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was held last week in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, attended by around 70 member and observer states. Representatives from the United States, China, Germany and the EU also attended the event.

The meeting selected the OIC Special Representative for Afghanistan, Tariq Ali, and announced the establishment of a trust fund for humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

After the Taliban government took control, the United States froze nearly $ 10 billion in Afghan reserves and imposed sanctions on Afghanistan that caused an economic crisis.

The OIC meeting demanded the release of the Afghan reserves and called on the new government to ensure inclusion and ensure respect for the rights of women and girls.

Russia said last week it was working with its allies on a common strategy to recognize the new Afghan government. Russian President Vilademir Putin said Moscow wants peace and stability in the region and is concerned about the spread of terrorism and drugs in Central Asian states.

Indonesia said Jakarta was ready to open its diplomatic mission in Kabul for continued humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people.

Forty-six members of the US Congress have called on the US Treasury Department to release the frozen assets of Afghanistan.

This comes as the US Treasury Department announced the issuance of three more licenses to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

The UN Security Council last week approved a resolution tabled by the United States to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. The resolution adopted on Wednesday states that “payment of funds, other financial assets or economic resources, and the provision of goods and services necessary to ensure the timely delivery of such assistance or to support such activities are permitted” .

India hosted the India-Central Asia Dialogue last week which focused on Afghanistan. The foreign ministers of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Karghystan and Kazakhstan participated in the event.

They discussed the current situation in Afghanistan and its impact on the region. The ministers reaffirmed their strong support for a peaceful, secure and stable Afghanistan while emphasizing respect for sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity and on non-interference in the internal affairs of the country. ‘Afghanistan.

They also discussed the current humanitarian situation and decided to continue providing immediate humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people. Ministers reaffirmed the importance of UNSCR 2593 (2021) which unequivocally demands that Afghan territory not be used to harbor, train, plan or finance terrorist acts and called for concrete action against all groups terrorists. Ministers also agreed to continue close consultations on the situation in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Acting Foreign Minister Ameer Khan Muttaqi said peace and security had been established in Afghanistan and no country was threatened by Afghanistan. He stressed that the world must interact with Afghanistan because there is a unified and strong government.

He request OIC countries to open their embassies in Kabul.

Humanitarian support

Saudi Arabia assured the continuation of its cooperation with Afghanistan and pledged 200 tons of humanitarian aid. Saudi Arabia has said the aid recently announced by some countries was not enough.

Last week, Uzbekistan handed over a second shipment of 3,780 tonnes of humanitarian aid to the Afghan authorities.

Last week, the delivery of aid provided by China earlier began in the provinces of Afghanistan.

Public demand

Last week, dozens of people gathered in the capital Kabul and said people were facing hardship due to US sanctions on Afghanistan and demanded the release of Afghan reserves.

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