Yair Netanyahu says Bennett is ‘left puppet’ for OAN far-right news



Yair, the son of former prime minister and current opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, gave an interview to One America News (OAN) on Saturday in which he spoke about the political situation in Israel to an American audience.

During the interview with pro-Trump far-right media, Netanyahu said that despite his father winning 30 Knesset seats as Likud leader in the March 2021 election, Bennett has become a “puppet. of the left “by the working center-left parties. and join them in a coalition government.

Netanyahu also claimed that the Arab-Israeli Ra’am Party is a branch of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

“What’s even worse than [Bennett joining the left] It is that for the first time in Israel, they included in the government an Arab Muslim party which is the Islamic Brethren of Israel. He supports terrorism … visits terrorists in prison who murdered Israeli children and calls them heroes. [They have] openly called for the destruction of Israel and the creation of an Islamic country of sharia in Palestine.

“They have a right of veto over any decision of this government and can dissolve it at any time.”

Netanyahu also claimed that Bennett would likely not cross the electoral threshold in a future Israeli election and that the new government led by Bennett was trying to implement a “totalitarian law” that would prevent his father from becoming prime minister again.

Attacking the Israeli media, Netanyahu further claimed that it was “to have his father”.

“All we have are two channels which are the equivalent of MSNBC and CNN, only 10 times more radical … and really it now looks like the formation of the new government as North Korean TV reports on their government. It’s absolutely, you know, they were killing my dad all these years and doing really shameful things to him and all the conservative voters in Israel … making fun of the conservative voters in Israel. “

Yair Netanyahu is a controversial figure in Israel, having been repeatedly sued by politicians and journalists for defamation against them.


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